logo-with-tag-sm.jpggapsmall.jpgHow many times have you thought you found the perfect pair of pants hanging up in your favorite store only to have your hopes crushed when you tried them on. They are the right size and the fit is perfect all over except the waist. At the waist you are left with a big unsightly gap. Irritated — you either buy the jeans and live with it, buy a big bulky belt with the jeans or you just put the jeans back on the hanger and walk out.

IsABelt now gives you another option($16.95, isabelt.com).This new must-have fashion accessory is changing the way women wear their clothes. IsABelt is a virtually invisible fully adjustable belt that keeps your outfit looking fantastic by keeping your pants in place. No big chunky belt or unwanted back gap. The belt is a 1/2 inch wide, strong, comfortable and flexible, It virtually disappears when worn and can go with any of your outfits perfectly. Grap one today and never worry about a pair of jeans not fitting your waist again.

For more information about IsABelt please visit www.isabelt.com

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