lg_fusion_aqua.jpg Nothing is more excruciating then sitting under a dryer at the salon for 2 hours with rollers in your hair. During that time you can finish two gossip magazines, answer 20 text messages and listen to your stylist talk bad about five other stylists before you are dry. And when I am at home and I roll my hair it seems like an even longer wait. But I guess that’s just the price you have to pay if you want beautiful bouncy smooth hair.

Well that’s what I thought until I got my hands on Fusion Rollers by Ricky’s NYC ($3.99, Ricky’s NYC stores or birthofbeauty.com/ricky.html). Ricky’s Fusion Rollers have added ceramic, which means they deliver better results then traditional rollers in less than half the time. Plus, the ceramic elements prevent uncontrolled rise in temperature, eliminating damaging “hot spot” when applying heat. The fusion rollers are also fast setting, have long lasting heat retention and can be used wet or dry. You are left with the perfect curls no matter what your style.

Use the R Line Stainless Steel Clips to keep the rollers in place once you have set the hair ($4.99, Rickys NYC stores or birthofbeauty.com/ricky.html). These clips are 100% stainless steel, incredibly strong, rust and chemical resistant. Just slip the clip in after you roll the hair and the power tension spring will hold the hair and roller in place. Top salon quality products for use at home. Your hair will be smoother, healthier and most importantly no more 2-hour sessions underneath the dryer.

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