stylesec3yonce.jpgAt Clutch we’ve always got our eye out for the “new new”. We’re committed to keeping you up to date on the season’s hottest and most popular trends. And yes we’ll admit, its never a good idea to go too trendy. But, being open to a few of the seasons latest always revives any outdated look. So how do we determine which pieces in our wardrobe are classics or catastrophes? What are some of those universal staples that we can all count on to hold us down season after season?

Well from one fashionista to another we decided to share with you our timeless style treasures.

The Perfect Denim Jeans: Since the birth of denim, the perfect fitting pair of jeans has been reliably stylish and enduring. Fresh from the first day you step into them and forgivingly chic after some fading (which we like to think of as character). Whether worn basic or dolled up, a great pair of jeans goes a long way. In our lifetime the average woman purchases countless pairs of jeans just to try her luck at finding that one special pair.

stylesec2halle.jpgThe White Button Down Shirt: There’s something about the perfectly crisp white button down shirt that no matter how plain it might seem, just works. Bold accessories against the staple are the epitome of chic. Worn with your favorite pair of jeans or skirt, tucked in or left out, cinched at the waist with either a skinny or wide belt, styling the white button down shirt is endless!

stylesec1kerry.jpgThe Black Pump: As little girls, almost all of us tried on our mother’s shoes. Penny loafers or red stilettos, no matter what taste in shoes our mothers had, they more than likely all owned a pair of black pumps. Black pumps should be easy to wear both fashionably and comfortably. No matter what height the heel or what shape the toe might be, a pair of black pumps can rescue any ensemble in danger of being too busy.

stylesec2serena.jpgThe Little Black Dress: We’ve all heard it but, how many of us actually own one? The Little Black Dress is a guaranteed lifesaver. Its versatility is astounding! With a pair of pumps and the right accessories you’re ready for a meeting at the office, a night on the town, or a cocktail party. The simpler the dress the better. A simple LBD promises versatility. The most flattering A-Line and wrap dress styles is a fixture in almost every boutique and department store.

stylesec1tyra.jpgThe Trench Coat: Classic, clean and sophisticated, the Trench Coat is the symbol of professionalism and maturity. A piece that every woman of every age should own, the trench has proven to be a fashion icon unto itself. Whether worn over a dress or jeans, cropped or traditional, the Trench has been reinterpreted by almost every designer in history without losing its iconic silhouette.

Think about what items in your closet make you feel the most confident. Stay away from the pieces with busiest prints and shapes. You’ll find that your own staples are usually simple in structure and design and easy to dress up or down. As in many cases deciding on your signature pieces can take plenty of trial, error and burning old pictures. So think back to those pieces that have been your most trusted and you couldn’t imagine being without.

What are some of your staple pieces?

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