BET presents the latest segment in their Hip Hop vs America 2 series which airs today entitled, “Am I My Sister’s Keeper?” “Am I My Sister’s Keeper?” features an all-female panel that cuts across generational, socioeconomic and cultural lines. Please tune in for a fresh, honest and engaging conversation featuring Michaela Angela Davis and a host of other intelligent sisters speaking their minds on our image in hip hop and in the general media. Tune in Saturday, July 5th @ 8p.m. EST (Today)

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  • Simone

    Michaela Angela Davis was really putting it on for the cameras!!! She’d like to project the deep sistah image as often as she gets the chance to but she’s isn’t really down like that. She’s a hypocrite that says not all girls are fly and hates on women who get more shine than her. They should have someone with more class and integirty and professional standing than “MAD”.