diesel-women.jpgQ: Fragrances are all starting to smell the same to me. Is there any new fragrance out that is breaking out of the pack?

I agree. It seems like most of the new fragrances out now really don’t smell so new. They are all starting to blend together with the same notes. Which doesn’t leave your average perfume shopper that excited about the fall fragrance line up.

No need to fret. There is a new fragrance by Diesel that is taking chances and mixing things up. Diesel Fuel For Life Fragrance for Women ($52 Р$68, diesel-fragrances.com) is a new scent that is said to be inspired by the passion, emotion and sensuality that flows through each of our veins. The fragrance puts a twist on classical codes of fragrance by mixing and matching to create a unique fragrance construction. The Women Fuel for Life has notes of jasmine, patchouli, blackcurrant and cr̬me de cassis. You are left with an innocent feminine fragrance that is backed up with a strong sexual sensuality. Truly a stand out fragrance that will help you stand out from the pack.

Q: What are some fun new lip glosses out now that I can try? I am tired of my same old gloss.

Then end of summer is definitely the time to switch up a little and nothing is easier to switch then your lip gloss. There are three super fun lip gloss products to try that will have you wishing you switched earlier. The first one is Tropez Ultra Glaze Lip gloss ($1.99, drugstores nationwide). This gloss is ultra-shinny but also rich and creamy. The color stays on for a long time but it never looks matte or dull. Plus with 10 fun shades that include names like Catz Meow, In the Nude and Spring Fling and a price point of $1.99, you seriously can’t go wrong.

The second is Desert Essence Organics Lip Rescue Lip Tints ($5.99, Whole Foods Market and Health Food Stores Nationwide). Each one of the deliciously yummy organic Lip Tints work to heal and moisturize dry, chapped lips. The Rescue Lip Tints contain Jojoba oil and sunflower oil to protect and offer long lasting moisture. And vitamin E to shield skin cells on your lips from UV rays, pollutants and other environmental damage. So while providing just enough sheer color they are actually helping to heal and protect your lips and you can’t beat that.

Finally I recommend the Sheer Tint and Lip Plumper by Kimiko ($37, kimikobeauty.com). To get your sexiest lips yet use this sheer tint lip gloss and lip plumper. On one end of the product you have a sheer color that uses berry and pomegranate extracts to provide the color and antioxidant protection. On the other end you have the plumper that contains dehydrated collagen molecules to re-hydrate and instantly plump and smooth lips and has a cool refreshing feel. This gloss is so amazing it almost feels like a special treat for your lips.


Q: My skin is super dry from a summer of sand and sun. What can I do to make my skin supple and soft?

Relieving dry skin is one of the most common inquires I get after each summer. People spend a ton of time in the summer outdoors having fun and soaking up sun rays (hopefully with SPF30 or higher slathered all over). And with more time spent outdoors it usually means less time spent indoors on your beauty routine. These factors create a recipe for really dry, dehydrated skin.

2548236311_b77568f57c_o.jpgThe best way to relieve and moisturize your skin is with a two step process. Step one involves using an exfoliator to scrub off dead dehydrated skin. This is important so that in the second step the moisturizer will be able to fully penetrate. I suggest using Soap & Paper Factory Body Scrubs ($44, soapandpaperfactory.com). Each scrub is green, paraben, phthalate and petroleum free, so that after an energizing scrub all you are left with is beautifully clean skin. The handmade scrubs perfectly buff off rough dry skin and leave you with nothing but the glistening vibrant skin underneath. They come in a variety of great smelling fragrances like Orange Blossom, Green Tea and Fig.

m_lab_anti_aging.jpgIn the second step you want to use an ultra hydrating moisture that will penetrate the skin and provides long lasting moisture. M LAB Body treatment Cream ($185, mlabonline.com) does just that. It works by using a fusion of peptides, exfoliants and hydrators to help promote collagen and elastin production. It also works to smooth and brighten dull skin tone. The cream is super rich and a little goes along way. Immediately skin will look and feel better and will be softer to the touch. It uses a combination of emollients to help restore the natural moisture barrier and provides comfort to stressed skin states with soothing agents.

product-a1.pngQ: I love straightening my hair but don’t love the damage it causes. Do you have any suggestions for a flat iron that isn’t so damaging?

If your hair is already dry and frizzy you don’t want to use heat tools that will continue to add to the problem. That’s where the IZUNAMI flat iron comes in ($199, izunami.com). This amazing iron employs superior gliding ceramic plates that prevents frizz, seal in natural moisture and create a brighter sheen. The combination of the Tourmaline, Ionic and Ceramic Plates create an iron that has super gliding capabilities resulting in shiny and smooth hair without creating the damage other flat irons cause. Finally a flat iron that not only doesn’t harm the hair but through revolutionary technology, actually adds shine to hair and seals in moisture. Plus it allows you to create curls, twists, flicks and waves or straighten hair in minutes. Perfect.

br040-neck-cream.jpgQ: Can I use my anti-aging face cream on my neck?

Using your face cream for your delicate neck and décolletage area is not a great idea. Although using face cream is better then not using anything because this area is extremely sensitive and prone to dryness and sagging. But ideally you want to purchase a cream that specifically works to treat that area. StriVectin Neck Cream is a multi-functional concentrate for the neck and décolletage ($90, strvectin.com).It contains a proprietary combination of ingredients that are designed to visibly firm and tighten the neck area to reduce the appearance of sagging skin, improve the look of the neckline and décolletage and even skin tone. StriVectin Neck Cream using botanical extracts and other natural ingredients to target this area and tone and firm skin. You are left with a neck and décolletage that not only look younger but also make your face appear younger.

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