dailyphoto080826.jpgMichelle Obama Touts Husband’s Values
On the first night of their National Convention, Democrats in Denver launched a charm offensive in an effort to reintroduce Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., to the country and create a healthy gap in the polls against his Republican rival that has so far proved elusive. After one of the most bitter primary battles in modern political history, Democrats kicked off the convention with a focus on Obama’s life, his support from Democrats’ unofficial royal family and its ailing leader, Sen. Ted. Kennedy, D-Mass., and an address from his wife, potentially the first African American first lady. And tonight, the Democrats will hear from the party’s other first lady, Sen. Hillary Clinton. The woman who battled Obama for the nomination is expected to make an appeal to her disappointed supporters to back Obama and help end what Democrats fear could be a dangerous split in the ranks. (Continue Reading…)

Dozens Feared Killed in Darfur Camp
Sudan boosted forces outside a volatile camp for displaced people in Darfur on Tuesday, sparking fears of new armed clashes as residents prepared to bury dozens of dead from fighting a day earlier. Police moved into the impoverished and volatile Kalma in South Darfur on Monday. Casualty figures from subsequent clashes are impossible to verify, but residents have asked UN troops for burial shrouds and protection for funerals. (Continue Reading…)

Deputy Pulls Gun During Stop of Diddy’s Entourage
A sheriff’s deputy pulled a gun on members of Diddy’s entourage during a routine traffic stop over the weekend, but the situation was quickly resolved and a spokesman for the entertainer said the deputy was professional and respectful. The gun was never pointed at the hip-hop mogul, and deputies were “very respectful” during the stop early Saturday, spokesman Ed Tagliaferri said Monday. (Continue Reading…)

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