Hi Everybody! I know it’s been a minute since I came from behind the scenes to say hello, so I wanted to drop a short note to let you know what’s been happening with me and Clutch. Most people know I am very open when it comes to Clutch, all the adventures attached to this wonderful online magazine and trying to make it a profitable and popular brand.

So, it should come to no surprise that I have some lessons to share with you that I have learned over the last couple of months as a young entrepreneur. I have to say, I have grown so much personally and professionally because of the things I’ve experienced over the last three months. Many of the lessons I knew were coming, but I didn’t know they would come so quickly! For instance, I’ve learned how to be more assertive; how to ask the right questions (and truly understand the responses given); how to think longterm; how to be more patient; and most importantly, the lesson of not compromising myself and my brand for financial gain.

Clutch is my dream and passion, but it’s a business as well and it has bills and salaries that need to be paid, so the financial part is extremely important. But I’ve learned that all money is not smart money. If you take an investment that compromises what you want and deserve, then that is not smart money. Therefore, I just want to say to other entrepreneurs out there, be patient and keep doing what you are doing . . . because one day soon you will be rewarded.

Believe me, I have to say that to myself almost everyday! But I believe it; I know this experience is already written and I am just waiting to turn the pages to get to the good part. From the outside looking in, Clutch may seem very seamless and easy, but it’s far from that. I also want to tell the entire Clutch family, thanks for continuing to stick with me. I made you a promise and I plan on keeping it.

To all our readers, thanks again. I know I rarely show my face, but just know that I am in the background working to make Clutch better for you. Below is a song by one of my favorite vocalist, Amel Larrieux that I would like to dedicate to anyone who is questioning their worth, dreams or chosen path in life. Please know that you have “Infinite Possibilities” and anything is possible with hard work and faith.

Clutch & Lipglass,
[email protected]

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