So…who IS Nola Darling? Two of a kind, Nikkobya Bisou and Aziza Montenegro (A.K.A. Nola Darling), are bringing new life to Urban music. Both of these talented young ladies rap and sing, offering smart, edgy, playful lyrics, melodic jazz/soul riffs and old-world flavors delivered with original new-school sensibility. Vivacious and dynamic performers, these ladies are building a reputation for their spit-fire energy, solid vocals and avant-garde performance style. Nola Darling has wowed the New York City scene at venues such as: S.O.B.s, Crash Mansion and the Knitting Factory.

Nola Darling is proud to introduce the release of the world’s first ever “Mini-Mixtape,” a new format in which to release music. The mixtape is available NOW on www.rappersiknow.com

To learn more about Nola Darling please visit www.myspace.com/whoisnoladarling and www.noulaproductions.com/blog

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