l_a13f40712ba8ea370699f0e60e35cdaf.jpgWhy should you want to know who Leon Curry is? If you’re reading this, then chances are inside of you lives an uncontrollably eager, rambunctious and fashion conscious spirit who Leon calls Ellie Owen. “Style never dies and here at E.O. (Ellie Owen) we strive to create a distinct style for the bold and beautiful female. A woman that knows who she is (and everyone else knows who she is as well). She can’t be labeled, she is a rare specimen, examined over and over but no one can capture her mystique.” explains the 22 year old design genius.

With inspiration stemming from fabrics to Frank Sinatra and a love for Hedi Slimane and Marc Jacobs, the Florida A&M student is ready to take on the industry with an innovative and well rounded zeal.

“I love high fashion but, I try to create instead of emulate.” he says.

And create he has! Attributing his successes to “pray and research”, Leon has surely learned early on the challenges young designers face when looking for their big break in the industry. Steadfastly managing the business demands of his growing brand, he’s consistently wowed us with each new collection. Flirty, futuristic and exciting, his playgirl contemporary party dresses rouses the bad girl in us all! A refreshing discovery, Leon Curry is a frontrunner for the next generation of fashion leaders.

From photo shoots in New York with renowned Vogue photographers to fashion fiery celebs such as Aubrey O’Day already clamoring over the young talent, Leon Curry is definitely one to watch. “The Ellie Owen woman is the embodiment, better yet, epitome of phenomenal. The E.O. woman is unafraid.”




For more information on Leon Curry and Ellie Owen please visit www.myspace.com/ldc86

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