p184000_hero.jpgreview1.jpgp184000_hero.jpgIs there anyone out there who still suffers from acne or random breakouts? Well if you’re like me then you answered yes to both of those questions. I’ve had acne since forever, and now that I’m an adult I still get random pimples and bumps on a weekly and sometimes daily bases. However, 30 days ago I put a new product line to the test that was recommended by beauty super-blogger, Erin at Scandalous Beauty. A few months back, in one for her beauty tutorial videos she recommended Juice Beauty’s Blemish Clearing Serum for hyperpigmentation (skin discoloration). Being a brown-girl who suffers from both acne and hyperpigmentation, I ran to Sephora and brought the entire regiment.

The starter kit is priced at $45 but often goes for $39 ($39, sephora.com). It includes a cleanser, exfoliating peel, moisturizer, and blemish serum. On top of all this, the products are made with certified organic ingredients! The company states their products are 95% organic making the claim that their products are among the highest (levels) in skincare.

To much ado, after one week I could see my skin becoming more even toned and overall clearer. The products were light, gentle and fast acting, giving me instant gratification. After 30 days of using only these products my face is healthier, brighter, and clearer. I’m now addicted and plan to purchase more of their products. I’m a now a believer in the power of nature and have officially joined the natural & organic beauty bandwagon.

To find out more about my 30 days with Juice Beauty please email me at [email protected]. If you have any additional beauty questions please email Nicole Mitsch at [email protected].

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