smartheelprotectorclear.jpgClutch Creator and Creative Director Deanna “Dede” Sutton is never without her stilettos, seriously she wears them EVERDAY! Aside from all her other fabulousness I give her kudos for this alone. Living in NYC, this is not an option for me, besides the depreciated streets, the blocks are way too long. However, I’m sure most of you would agree that walking the streets of any urban inner-city neighborhood is not only torture on your feet, but brutal on your shoes.

Unfortunately, the pain we endure to look fab seems to be incurable, but our shoes now have Smart Heel! Smart Heel is smartest and chicest invention for a fashionista’s feet. What are Smart Heels, they are sleek plastic heel protectors that you place over top of the heels of your shoes to guard against the harsh elements of concrete.

Smart Heels “save your favorite high heels from embarrassing and costly tears, scratches and nicks,” says Smart Heel founder Stacie Urbach.

Their company motto, slip them on before you go out, slip them off when you reach your destination. Smart Heels fit most stiletto heels of about 3-4 ½ inches highs and come in clear and black. Don’t think this can get any better, they are currently having a summer sale. Purchasers will receive a 25% discount decreasing the cost from $11.95 to $8.95 a pair! And what girl doesn’t love under $10 deals!

The downside is that they are not recommended for patent covered or round post heels, but they are still a great investment. I’m investing and so should you. Love your shoes and nurture your stilettos with Smart Heels.

To find out more information or to purchase a pair visit their site at www.smartheel.com.

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  • Karima B.

    Hi Ladies,

    Thank you all so much for your comments so far!
    – Angel I’m like your two friends, I couldn’t even do the NY Aids walks because the night before i realized that I didn’t own a pair of sneakers/tennis shoes, lol!

    -Amy- I’m sorry that happened to your shoes, I know they were hot, PURPLE LEATHER!

    -Dede- we are the same height so don’t even try it : 0 : )

  • As a mother of a newborn and a toddler my life is lived in comfortable, stylish FLATS. LOL. But for a night out with the hubby (which a few and far between) I will glam it up with a pair of heels. Unfortunately not only can I not walk in them for too long, I also tend to stick to the same color palette (brown, cream, etc).

    Living in LA I only have to go from the car to the destination and then back to the car. Props to all you ladies that rock heels all day everyday, you are envied.

  • Yes, much love to ladies who can wear heels all day, everyday. I think I can wear my heels maybe 3 days straight and thats about it. If I have to do more than I going to be kinda mad. I’m a flat queen! I love my flats and my shoes closet can prove!

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