With all the issues that women deal with on an every day basis why not take a load off and walk around looking and feeling like lavish street Queens and neon-nailed bejeweled Princesses. For centuries royal heirs have been dazzling us with their colorful gemstones, now this season ladies let the concrete pavement be our rolled out red carpet cause we are all regal in our own right and if that’s not enough we’re going GEM crazy too. Regardless if the sparkly stones are authentic, vintage or reasonable copycats, you have to admit, the look of encrusted rubies, emeralds, corals, tourmalines, crystals, opals, diamonds and all the other fabulous gems adorned on our clothing looks like rock candy meeting the eye. Over the years we’ve watched jewel-loving veterans like Diana Ross, Elizabeth Taylor and of course the legendary woman she shadowed in the very controversial (we know why…) 1963 film, “Cleopatra,” who became very memorable not only for her strong leadership but for her head to toe gem-decorated outfits. If you worried how else could you rock this trend without looking like you spent your whole day ordering gems from the HVC channel, don’t worry cause these days’ gemstones don’t just come in rings, necklaces and bracelets. Gemstones are back in full effect, there on sandals, dresses, skirts, shorts, belts, and basically any garment or accessory of choice!

Before summer is over, remember on Friday nights for a night on the town or after work hangout, rock your sapphire or marble sandals with a cute bib front empire dress. For Saturday nights at the club or mojitos with the girlies, mix your coral and gold bracelets to give your sexy pencil curve- hugging gem embroidered print tulip dress a hint of shine. And on Sunday’s for a brunch date with Mr. Fine, keep it chill but cute with a big Bali ring and colorful gem/gold encrusted bracelet to give your white high waist shorts, pastel colored ribbed tank and gladiator wedged heels a Moroccan feel! So that it never gets complicated the trick is, it’s all about blending and adding hints of dazzle so that it better accentuates your outfit and royal glow from inside and out!

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