You heard us right: the instant gratification goddesses (and gods!) are now giving you all the good stuff you love, in a bi-monthly format. Starting in October, each issue will hit your screen on the 1st and 15th of the month—so that means no more waiting 30 days to get the latest scoop on your favorite celebs, cool trends and all the news.info.gossip you crave!

And what would a new look be without a few upgrades? After sifting through tons of emails and studying your reader feedback, we’re pleased to announce the Clutch Blog Network is launching next month, too! The network will include four totally new sites dedicated to (1) celeb news/entertainment, (2) beauty, (3) fashion, and (4) parenting.

We’re working hard to make Clutch the place for savvy, trendy, smart, successful, goal-oriented women to read about everything that matters to them most—from hard hitting news on the presidential campaign trail, insider coverage at fashion week to discovering why curbing your daily latte fix can bring you one step closer to financial freedom.

. . . . and that’s only the beginning. There’s more in store. Trust.

Stay tuned and we’ll see you in October!

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