You know how it is when you keeping seeing a familiar face, and how its even better when that face is a gorgeous one. Being in media that happens a lot, it may be that model who’s in all the ads, or the guy in all the videos, or a unknown singer featured on all the hot tracks but, whenever you see them, you think “who is that, they’re everywhere and they fine.” Well when I think of a cutie that’s everywhere these days, from stage plays to video sets I think of a few names, but one stands out, Christian Keyes.

Clutch: When did you get your big start in acting?
Christian: My first big break came when I was blessed with the chance to tour nationally with the stageplay “All Men Can’t Be Dogs” with, A.J. Johnson, Regina Belle, Carvin Winans, John Gray and a bunch of other really talented people. That play led to me getting other work and it allowed me to develop supporters and fans on a national basis.

Clutch: How did you catch the attention of Tyler Perry?
Christian: I was the lead in a nationally touring with a play called “Not A Day Goes By”, and we swung through Atlanta and he came to see the show one night. After the show, we talked and he asked me if I would like to be the lead in Madea Goes To Jail. I said Hell Yeah…. We have been working together on and off, ever since.

Clutch: Did you always know you were going to in entertainment, whether through your music or on the big screen?
Christian: I always knew that I wanted to. I thought that music would take off first when I started out, but out of the blue, the acting work really started growing for me. So I took it for the blessing that it was, I put acting first and worked on music when I got free time. I started taking classes and reading every book I could get on acting technique, and the harder I worked at it the more work I got.

Clutch: What can listeners expect from your upcoming album?
Christian: They are gonna get some, classic love songs ( “I Know”, “Please Forgive Me”, “Precious”), some sexy but classy bedroom music (“So Sweet”, “Boots On”, “Whatever U Like”), some personal songs, songs from actual experiences (“Home”, “Gonna Love U”, “You Said”) and some hot club joints (“I’m Single”, “Bartender”, “Personal”). 16 songs in all including 2 remixes.

Clutch: Who are some of the artists you look up to?
Christian: I could never name them all, but Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Lionel Richie, Babyface, Maxwell, Alicia Keys, Ledisi, Cheryl Pepsi Riley, and so many other great artists.

Clutch: Are you bringing in any new artists to your label, Fahrenheit Music Group.
Christian: Eventually, I would like to, but for right now, I am just going to focus on making this cd “PERSONAL” the best it can be.

Clutch: Have you been working simultaneously while recording the new album?
Christian: While I was recording over this last year, I did the last leg of Tyler Perry’s “What’s Done in the Dark”, where I was “Dr. Harris”. The dvd for the play came out in March of this year. I also was blessed to be in several commercials, as well as music videos with Ashanti (“The way that I Love You”), Ledisi (“In the Morning”), Keri Hilson (“Energy”) and Joe (“Why Just Be friends”). I will also be on “House Of Payne” later this fall.
cd_cover_copy>Clutch: One could say that you’re a Jack of All Trades; not only are you an actor and musician, you’ve also written a few screenplays. Which hat do you feel most comfortable in?
Christian: Actually, all of them. I believe God gives us talents for us to use to make our lives better. And I don’t want to be 60 or 70 wishing I would have at least tried to do some of these these things. I am going to use every gift ant skill God gave me to make my son’s life better, my life better and when I find one, my wife and whatever kids we have, better.

Clutch: You’re sort of a sex symbol (Ebony’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelor’s, Jet Calendars, etc). What do you think about that?
Christian: I certainly appreciate the love and support from the magazines and the fans, but being a sex-symbol isn’t important to me. I stay in shape for work (music and film), and so I can keep up with my 5 year old son, who never gets tired. I am just a regular dude, with a cool job. I’m down to earth, silly as hell and passionate about anything I do, work or play.

Clutch: So, what’s next for Christian Keyes?
Christian: What’s next? Well, besides this cd being well received and doing well. I have a few films I am looking at that shoot this fall and this winter, and lord willing a TV show. Who knows? Whatever God decides to bless me with next… Fans can reach me at www.myspace.com/christiankeyes1 or www.christiankeyes.com. These two are my only real pages, everything else is fake.

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  • brnsugar

    Besides being very sexy and intelligent he seems like he is very grounded. It’s rare that you will find a man who is good looking with a pleasant personality. I just hope that fame doesn’t go to his head because in most cases that’s what happens. And I envy the woman who he will find someday because she will have alot to smile about! :)

  • brownskinisbetter


  • Aldrina Richards

    I was pleased with the article I just read. A Christian who is true and Christian what a rarity. Keep up your good works in the Lord. Thusly, your rewards will follow. Please, no more tattoos. Your canvas was beautiful with just the cross. Like Ms. Ella in Madea Goes to Jail, I too want to rest my head on that Crosssssssssssssssss. Moreover, you don’t look mean to me in your pics, you look focused. Holla at a sistah’s e-mail address. There goes that elusive smile. God Bless.

  • browneyez

    well first off…let me start off by saying that i agree with (i believe articles)….if you weren’t that interested how did you end up on this particular part of this site in the first place….he IS fine..and you know it…..he is very talented…and if you’ve seen his work im sure you know that…..and none of you know him personally….so all you can have is your assumptions…..which is all they are…..NOW…stop hating on the man….NO denial….HE’S SCRUMPTIOUS……and if you don’t like it….stop going to site where you’ll find his lovely face…..

  • kaleen

    i know him, personally…he comes across as being really cool..but..he has issues…he willl use and throw u away just to get to where he needs to be..to be honest he’s an asshole learning from his NEW hollywood friends

    • Meltown


      Are you serious? If that’s the case, that’s bad. If it is true he’s going to learn sooner or later, they always do. I hate it if he is that way.