thandie_newton.jpgThandie Newton on Becoming Dr. Rice
Thandie Newton famously turned down a starring role in Charlie’s Angels to focus on her marriage. By repute, she’s generous, frank and swears like a soldier. But I’m wondering what I’ll find: our meeting has been pushed back several times, and Newton herself seems controlling, dictating the clothes, location, look and feel of the photoshoot. Her stylist was summoned from Los Angeles. The photographer was vetted. Had our girl from Cornwall turned a bit Hollywood? I needn’t have worried. Dressed in flip-flops, a mid-calf sequined skirt and a powder-blue cardigan, she’s candid and personable, although she confesses to feeling “twitchy” about interviews. “It’s an odd thing,” she says, “I’m learning that they are usually more about you than me – you’re the filter. I’m a bit wary.” Then she relaxes, takes a gulp of tea and shoos away her assistant. We’re in Vancouver on the set of her latest project, a disaster movie, 2012. (Continue Reading…)

Rumor that Palin Called Obama ‘Sambo’ Spreading Across Web
A new whisper campaign is forming in the blogosphere and creeping into web search engines across the internet as a self proclaimed e-zine called “LA Progressive” is spreading a false rumor that Sarah Palin called Barack Obama ‘Sambo’ while dining in an Alaska restaurant. Charley James, the author of the article that is unlikely to have his blogspot site shut down for Obama bias, also claims through ‘anonymous sources’ that Palin called Hillary Clinton a “b#^@h” in the same breath. It is getting pretty desperate out there. Here are the opening paragraphs from Alaskans Speak (In A Frightened Whisper): Palin Is “Racist, Sexist, Vindictive, And Mean” (emphasis mine, src. Michelle Malkin): (Continue Reading…)

CBS to McCain: GOP has Become ‘Party of White People’
CBS’ Bob Schieffer asked John McCain about the number of minorities in the Republican Party. SCHIEFFER: I want to ask you about the composition of the convention. There were 36 African-American delegates out of 2300-plus delegates there. How can you survive as a party if you become just the party of white people? McCAIN: We can’t. We can’t. I saw that information the other day that by, I’ve forgotten, don’t hold me to it, 2042 or something like that, white americans will be a minority in the population of this country. We can’t. We’ve got to reach out. We’ve got to do a better job. We have to have the Hispanic as well as African-American voters. I’ve traveled all over this country. I’ve been to places where there are literally no Republican votes. I have to convince them that I’ll be the president of everybody and a Republican party has a job to do. Frankly, it’s a job that also spills over into other areas. You’ve seen the generic ballot. (Continue Reading…)

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