Jay-Z to Release ‘The Blueprint 3’ on December 2nd?
US rapper Jay-Z will release his much anticipated new album, ‘The Blueprint 3’, on December 2nd, it’s been reported. The album will complete a trilogy of releases which began in 2001 with ‘The Blueprint’. According to You Heard That New, the album will include a sequel to ‘Swagger Like Us’ – a track on fellow hip-hop star T.I.’s new album, ‘Papertrail’. Jay-Z’s rendition, entitled ‘Swagger Like Us: The Sequel’, is reported to feature lyrics from Young Jeezy, Andre 3000 and Nas. In August, Jay-Z previewed the album track, ‘Jockin’ Jay-Z’, during a performance with Kanye West, which was later leaked onto the internet. (Continue Reading…)

Janet Jackson Taken to Hospital
Singer Janet Jackson was taken to hospital after falling ill shortly before a concert in Canada on Monday. The 42-year-old had to cancel her Montreal show after she “got suddenly ill” during her sound check, her publicists said. Jackson was being monitored at an unnamed hospital but no further details of her condition have been released. The singer hopes to reschedule the concert, which was part of her North American tour. (Continue Reading…)

Affluent Blacks Continue to Be an Untapped Market for Luxury Brands
Wealthy African Americans are a largely untapped and widely overlooked demographic despite having $29.8 billion in purchasing power, according to results from a study released recently. The paper, “Marketing to Affluent African Americans: Strategic Insights for Reaching an Untapped Market,” consisted of online interviews with affluent African Americans as well as a series of regional focus groups held in Atlanta, Chicago, Miami and Washington, DC. It features the results of insights on the behaviors, attitudes, opinions and spending patterns of affluent African Americans, defined as individuals earning at least $75,000 annually. (Continue Reading…)

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