mail.jpg It takes a sharp-eyed designer to tap into the countless personas of fashionable women from all walks of life. In order to execute that technique a great designer studies their finesse, strut and the eventful lifestyles women lead. Twenty-year old designer Laquan Smith masters that and makes it look effortless. The bubbly, and adorable neon-nailed style architect is on a very creative journey to add some more bedazzle, glam, chic-ness and umph to the fierce and poised Bella’s. It doesn’t matter if your from the streets, peach tree sides or on the international front, with the line named slightly after him, Laqueue will make any style maven stand out in a crowd. The high end fashion line illustrates a story in order to create the illusion that the pavement is a runway. His use of fabrics are daring but at the same time not bizarre. With his brilliantly constructed, era inspired pieces festooned with sequence, fur, floral and leather, a Laqueue garment will indeed get you those stop and stare looks. Laqueue’s collection of clothing consists of abstract pieces that can find a way to collide the style of socialite Genevieve Jones and the trend setting style of Kelis all in one look. This passion and drive all started when the Queen’s born innovator got bit by the bittersweet fashion bug years ago and propelled him to take on sewing at thirteen years old. After being taught by his grandmother Laquan utilized what he’d learned and only got better and better.

Considering this crucial time in the fashion industry and the economy thousands and probably even millions of young up and coming designers are hustling to get a foot in the door so that their pieces can be featured in big magazine spreads, Fashion week and on socialites and notables from all over the globe. Laquan is optimistic that things will work out in his favor. His hard-work, professionalism, strong sense of creative direction and eclectic vision will without a doubt introduce him to the masses. When you witness his pieces it’s hard to believe why he hasn’t been fully introduced to the fashion sphere but it’s okay lovelies cause Clutch like always puts everybody on to what’s NEXT. We got a chance to pick that interesting brain of his….

Clutch: You add such great whimsical flair to your pieces. Where does that inspiration come from?
LaQueue: A lot of my inspiration comes from my everyday life living in New York City. In the world of LaQueue, its perfectly natural for a woman to enter the night life after a chic minute of grocery shopping, while storming in her 6 inch Louboutin’s. Most people would say, “that’s not realistic”. However, I’ve always believed in dressing for the image and not the occasion!

Clutch: Has there been a designer/s that inspired you to design, perfect your craft and be so unique?
LaQueue: Designers that inspire me most are Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga and Miuccia Prada for Miu Miu. I think they are outstanding!!! When viewing their collections/ look books, it inspires me to create imagination/alter-egos within the garments that I construct.

Clutch: Who are your muses? (a celebrity, model, friend, art, culture, lifestyle, etc)?
LaQueue: Honestly, I haven’t found her as of yet —- (call me crazy), but the only muse that I’ve ever had is inside me (imagination). Her name is Queens, she’s 21, African American, 6’0 feet, extremely thin and has a complexion that is fairly brown. When designing, I design according to Queens emotions, lifestyle and adventures.


Clutch: Who is the LaQueue woman?
LaQueue: The LaQueue woman is definitely fab! she’s a refined woman that has influence, poise and the power within the image she provides.

Clutch: I see that Jaslene from America’s Next Top Model and Aubrey O’Day are fans, what other notables have worn your pieces so far? Who would be your ideal client to design for?
LaQueue: Well, the amazing fashion socialite Andre. J who graced the cover of Paris Vogue (Nov 07 issues) was also spotted in a LaQueue. He’s so sweet, he would be ideal!

Clutch: Most up and coming designers are often encouraged to study with an established designer before they make their mark. Are you an apprentice for any designer or do you choose to do it on your own?
LaQueue: Currently I’ve been interning for BlackBook Magazine — assisting the fashion Director Elizabeth Sulcer. Aside from interning, I try to build clientèle however that doesn’t always happen when you’re a self-supported designer like myself.

Clutch: What can we expect from you in the near future?
LaQueue: Well, you can definitely expect more celebs/ fashion socialites spotted in my pieces. Expect to see me during N.Y fashion week someday. Over all, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. I really don’t know what God has in store, but in due time.


For more information on LaQueue please visit www.myspace.com/laqueuefashions88

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