There is something so appealing, sexy and timeless about red lipstick. It screams old school glamour but can totally look modern. It is dripping in sex appeal but can be really classy. It makes a bold statement but can also whisper secrets. But with so much potential in one tube of red lipstick there are several ways you could tragically wrong. Red certainly is not the easiest color to pull off but if you find the right color and the right look it will be worth the effort.

The number one mistake people make when buying a red lipstick is choosing the wrong red for their skin tone. And while not every red works for everyone there are some reds that are a little more universally flattering. One such color is Saint Red by Lipstick Queen ($18, refinery29shops.com). It is gorgeously smooth, sheer red that goes on evenly with true color. I found the color worked because the intensity wasn’t to in your face and the sheer red worked well for daytime. At night I added a coat of gloss on top of the lipstick and it punched up the sexy factor. Saint Red is a wearable red that will keep our lips looking sexy from day to night. Great for most skin tones.

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