crackedheel2.jpgLadies and Gentlemen: Preserving The Sexy is an informative series on how to feel and most importantly look like a billion dollars. I will give you many tips, tricks, and secrets that can be used to maintain a sexier you. So, now that you’ve been formally introduced, let’s move on to our first session: Cracked, Dry Feet.

Passing through the streets of major metros and attending various events around the globe, I noticed a troubling phenomenon that I call “Baker’s Foot”. This condition can best be described by the above illustration; Your heel cracks and flakes until it appears as if you’re baking crusty loaves in your Jimmy Choos or, if you prefer, mixing concrete with your heels.

This unsightly situation is caused by a variety of different reasons: squeezing a size 9 foot into a size 8 shoe (your shoe and foot size should match); consistently walking barefoot on hard pavement or floors; wearing sandals or open-backed shoes (especially stilettos); scratchy socks or ‘hose; friction from sneakers while exercising; and some medical conditions (e.g. diabetes, eczema).

For those who are in violation of “Baker’s Foot” or looking to prevent it, don’t worry, I have developed a luxury care plan to get your foot game on track:

The 10 Crack Commandments
1. Never begin the foot plan until you understand your situation. Dry feet can be a sign of health issues, and particularly people with diabetes, skin or circulation problems will want to discuss any foot care regimen with their doctor before beginning.

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  • Tanya

    LOL!!! This is way to funny . That heel makes me not want to eat dinner. Or eat a dinner of lotion.

  • B-Style

    Funny! I like the way he writes. The blog is really fly too. I will be styaing up on it.

  • Neek

    LOL! you guys are TOOOOOO funny with your comments, I couldn’t tell what that picture was at first. They need the Ped-Egg STAT!