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  • Do.Not.Want.

    I stopped caring about this mess ages ago. There must be a new CD in the works.

  • Yellow and Brown

    Wow did he really have to say that 2+2 part especially when he was speaking in such a colloquial tone. Lastly he looks different.

  • This is the part that got me “When you say teenage girls how old are we talking?”


    N#[email protected] how old do you think!

  • “…you can’t be found guilty, for being found innocent” R, you weren’t found innocent, you just weren’t proven guilty!!! And your friends called you the ‘Pied Piper’ because they know of the folklore of the man who lured little children with his music…HELLO.

    What a sicko. He needs help. I seriously can’t listen to his music anymore without feeling uncomfortable. He’s such an incredibly talented artist, but my goodness, he needs help. Even Toure’ looks dumbfounded.