I love fashion and believe I know a thing or two about style, but do I put myself on a pedestal, no… a platform yes! But I’m not just talking about any platform I’m talking about the platform of a fabulous shoe! I’ve said it once and I’m gonna say it again I truly adore shoes, I can’t get enough of them. What’s more, is that I can’t get enough of a plump platform. The added height makes me melt, and being 5’2, that definitely adds cool points.

Then there are other times when less is more, platforms aren’t always the sexiest shoes on the self. Too much chunk, the wrong fabric choice, horrific hardware, or even the wrong color combo can quickly turn any shoe from chic to cheap. That’s why I love Jeffery Campbell, with his line there are no mishaps just missbehavin.

WHO is Jeffrey Campbell, he’s a renowned shoe designer based in LA, who with help the help of his wife Christine has created a following of “JC Girls” across the globe.
WHAT is Jeffrey Campbell Footwear, think retro but trendy. “Each season the collection grows–offering Jeffrey’s spin on the hottest trends, and his updates to vintage classics of yesteryear” says JC. And who doesn’t like vintage. Honestly, to say that you don’t would be to stay you don’t like fashion, because its constantly recycles itself. Bringing together what was with what is! What inspires him, the cities of London and Brooklyn, Mary-Kate O., after parties, short-shorts and most importantly his daughters.

WHERE can you find Jeffrey Campbell, pick a spot on the map and point. No he’s really everywhere; Mostly found in cute boutiques, he could also be found in department store like Nordstorm or online shoe havens. Currently he retails in Illinois, Boston, Milwaukee, Texas, South Carolina, Vermont, Maryland, Florida, Canada, LA, Brooklyn and many more cities.

WHY Jeffrey Campbell, because he’s inspired by real things and real people which means YOU, ME, WE inspire him. And inspiration is where real fashion and style start.

To find Jeffrey Campbell retailers in your area please visit www.jeffreycampbellshoes.com.

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