cover.jpgIn our fashion daydreams we imagine that the pursuit of happiness looks something like an extravagant, shop til you drop retail therapy session. Along the way we would have demand that one destination be Wild Seed Boutique. Talented trio Set Shakur, Tamúra “T” White, and Kianga “Kiki Kitty” each bring their years of fashion industry experience along with their distinctive individual styles to create a well curated selection of posh hard to find merchandise in their Decatur, GA shop. We chatted the ladies up about their fashion forward collaboration and their must haves for the fall season.

Clutch: You own the boutique along with Set Shakur and Tamura White. How did that collaboration and the name Wild Seed come about?
Set’s and my families knew each other and we knew of one another but had never met. In 2001 I had a fashion-consulting firm and clothing line, K.A.Kitties, where we developed collections for various clients. Set was creative director for Madameveli and K.A.Kitties was brought on to help develop the brand. That’s when Set and I actually met for the first time. We knew who the other was and it created an instant bond.

Tamura and I went to high school together in Atlanta. She was actually a friend of my sister’s then we discovered we were dating the same guy. The guy became history but T and I quickly became best friends, spending every minute together until I left for NY to attend F.I.T. Our friendship continued and has remained strong.

At some point I introduced Set to T. Set needed some clothes made and T was making custom dresses – so I introduced them and they also became instant friends. Today we have the boutique together and we’re joined at the hip. We solidified the boutique location in March and it’s been a whirlwind ever since. We have so many ideas and plans on what we each hope to accomplish through Wild Seed. I’m anxiously looking forward to our future. Set came up with the name Wild Seed and T and I fell in love with it. It came from Octavia Butler’s book Wild Seed. Set was a huge fan and wanted to honor Octavia Butler’s passing.

Clutch: You previously worked as a designer for Heatherette, Eve, Justin Timberlake and Sean John. What made you decide to open a boutique? Has your past experience helped with this venture at all?
Owning a boutique has always been a dream for each of us, so when Set and T asked me to join them, I was elated! Working for someone else is a great learning experience and it can be rewarding. I’ve been designing professionally for 15 years and I’ve gained so much experience. That experience taught me the ins and outs of the fashion business and helped me tremendously in opening the boutique. What’s best about the boutique is we do what WE want in hiring staff, selecting designers, etc. It’s our duty to introduce our customers to our point of view and expose them to designers they may otherwise not know of. I love broadening someone’s fashion knowledge or at least providing access to brands they love but may not be able to get anywhere else in ATL. We want to get to a point where we’ve set a standard and our customers trust us. We want them to feel that we understand their needs and we go above and beyond the call of duty to provide them with the newest and the best. Heatherette, Sean John, all the brands you mentioned have been able to break ground in fashion, show the world their point of view and make a difference on one level or another. Sean John was one of the few black designers to win a CFDA award, Heatherette has auctioned off items for charities. The fashion industry gets involved in the worldly issues in so many ways. We also want to make a difference. We want the boutique to be a vessel for us to give to organizations and issues we feel passionate about. Set has been involved in philanthropy for many years and T and I contribute to charities also. Wild Seed is not only a boutique but sends a message to everyone that you can do whatever you set your mind to do.

wil.jpgClutch: What’s the vibe of the boutique like?
The vibe of the shop is similar to our own vibe. Out of the ordinary, unique, super fly and chic, yet unexpectedly calm, relaxing and unpretentious. When people walk into the boutique they feel they’ve stepped into our Wild Seed universe. Its as if everything outside of our doors disappear and you’re only able to feel the comfort we provide. It’s a meditation and therapeutic haven.

Clutch: How would you describe your personal style? Is that reflected in the merchandise selection or anywhere in the store?
Each of us has our own personal style, completely different from one another. Somehow in the boutique each of those individual styles come together. When you walk into Wild Seed, it is a reflection of our individual styles.

Set’s style is very tailored 70’s and loves to accentuate her body especially the breasts. Set’s icon is Gianni Versace. She’s the spit fire, the wild child. Anything fitted, she loves!

T’s style is southern bell, flowery. Her icon is Roberto Cavalli. She is very feminine. Loves ruffles and glitter. T’s the dainty lady.

Kiki’s style is unique, very 80’s Kylmaxx. Kiki loves vintage, Her icon is Grace Jones, designer icon is Betsey Johnson / Vivianne Westwood. Very funky.

We each own the style we feel and love. We don’t fit in where people want us to fit in. We’re just us. And that’s exactly what Wild Seed represents.

Clutch: What type of woman do you imagine shopping it up at Wild Seed?
The woman who will love Wild Seed is the woman who hates to be boxed in. She will be who she wants to be regardless of what anyone else thinks about her. She’s driven to style and is passionate about the image she chooses to express through her fashion choices. She’s mature, confident, she trusts herself and doesn’t believe in playing it safe.

Clutch: I read that Wild Seed’s product offering includes designer denim brands like Serfontaine and covet worthy vintage items by Escada and Louis Vuitton. Are there any emerging designers in the mix that we should be on the lookout for?

We found a few great treasures when searching for new designers that we don’t get to see too often. One is Philip Plein. Its a European line, they’re one of our more expensive brands but the uniqueness and intricate quality of each garment is perfect for Wild Seed. Voudoo is another fantastic designer from NY. We ran into the collection at a trade show and I can say it’s the only brand we carry where we have ordered the entire collection. They have fantastic silhouettes that flatter any body type. The tailoring is exquisite and the fabrics are new and unique. We’re so proud to be the only store in ATL to carry Voudoo. I feel like we’ve made an awesome discovery. There’s also Pure Bohemian. Another brand we feel lucky to have discovered. It’s a Swedish brand. Pure Bohemian takes fabrics not necessarily intended to be apparel and they mix and match fabrics together like a collage and hand sew one of a kind pieces. When you look at it, it’s a work of art.

Clutch: What are some of your favorite items in the store right now?
Kiki:There’s this 80’s vintage Tadashi cocktail dress that I’m totally in love with! It has my name written all over it!
Set: I Love the Philip Plein dress with large jewels.
Tamura: LaRok Sequin racer back and Salanida high waist satin pants.

Clutch: What trends/items are you looking forward to offering for fall?
We each are looking forward to the Mackage coats!! They’re so posh! So typical of Wild Seed.

Kiki: I love all the bright colors mixed with the earth tones. I like the role accessories play. You can take a simple silhouette with great color and take tons of fun accessories and make a big statement.

T: Studded Jeans, Exotic skin purses, And all the purple hues!

Set: classic denim, classic fits, woven button downs, fitted tees.

Wild Seed Boutique, 225 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, suite 130, Decatur (404-371-9453 or 3wildseeds.com).

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