If diamonds are a girls best friend then deodorant must rank a close second. I mean diamonds (conflict free diamonds) are wonderful and beautiful and make a girl smile. But deodorant keeps you smelling fresh so that the guys want to get close enough to give you the diamond. It’s no secret that deodorant does the hard work.

Secret has decided to combine a woman’s two best friends. Diamonds and deodorant. They are giving away a chance to win real, flawless diamonds. Each time you buy specially-marked Secret Flawless™ deodorant, you have a chance to win great prizes including a flawless one-carat diamond worth $15,000!!!! If you’re the lucky winner of a diamond, your Secret deodorant will have fake bling hiding inside of it. Secret. Even if you don’t find the bling you could already be a winner. Just enter the Secret code from a Secret Flawless package to find out. It’s no sweat!

Find out more information at secretdiamondgiveaway.com.

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