Bag Ladies


newclutchlogoblackIf there is one thing my friends can tell you about me is that I LOVE bags. Large bags in particular. They lovingly tease me all the time about my bi-bag fetish because on any given day you can catch me with two bags in tow. One as an accessory to my outfit and the other as the carrier for all my daily commuting necessities such as magazines, water, newspapers, iPod, etc. Little did they know that my admiration for bags is synonymous of my love for them…

As avid readers of Clutch, I think it’s safe to assume that you are all very stylish women with a diverse collection of a few fabulous bags of your own. Whether they are clutches or totes, large or small, designer or trendy, classic or new, last season or current you have them and they play a major role in your overall outfit each day. Only style mavens like us know that the purpose of multiple pocketbooks are more than just storage for wallets, cell phones, lip gloss and everything in between. They signify style, personality and for me the likes of my friendships. When I think about my sturdy everyday LV Speedy 30 bag I’m reminded of my best friends who are dependable, strong, valuable and classic. They’ve weathered the storm and sunshine with me, yet they still emerge intact, ageless, and adaptable. Matching with almost any and everything I have on, their vintage legacy and timeless beauty prove over and over they’ve got my back.

My girls, as I affectionately call them, remind me of my “other” bags. These bags are my most diverse collection of pocketbooks. Some are funky, chic, designer, trendy, bold, suede, leather or colorful. When I’m not sporting my classic everyday bag, I’m usually alternating between them to give my outfit some extra funk. Each bag represents an aspect of my personality, lifestyle and as a result are interchangeable given my mood. My girls are just the same. Some are black, white, Latina, middle class, upper class and come from all walks of life. They are just as dependable, and always there when I need them. They give me the flexibility and opportunity to be myself while complimenting me just the same.

And my dear girlfriends are my fabulous collection of clutches. Like my most precious jewels, I don’t get to wear them on an everyday basis but I do make them a staple on those special occasions and when I want to feel extra chic and fancy. My love may not be expressed as often as it should due to my hectic schedule or geographical distance but they are nonetheless fabulous and I love them to pieces. As fashion enthusiasts you know first hand that the selection of a clutch is not like any other bag. Although you can find them at almost every boutique and store due to their growing popularity, these small yet statement making accessories are not to be chosen lightly. Their sleekness commands the utmost respect and should be selected based on their uniqueness and style. While their petite frame forces you to only carry them in the evening with only a few necessities, it is their perfect fit into your hand and underneath your arm that enables you to hold on to them tightly. There couldn’t be a better way to describe my girlfriends. I may not be able to talk to them everyday or even see them as often as I would like, but they are indeed very special to me. They are always there on special occasions and a shoulder to lean on when I need to unload my “baggage.” And although they are small in size they embellish my life in a tremendous way. Vintage and versatile my girlfriends are my clutch that I keep closest to my heart.

Thanks for bagging me as a friend. All of you bring such style and versatility to my life and I love you for that!

So ladies, hold on tightly to all your bags. Their purposes are unique and their contents are extremely valuable.

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