South African singer Miriam Makeba dies in Italy
South African singer Miriam Makeba has died aged 76 after being taken ill near the southern Italian town of Caserta following a concert, ANSA news agency reported Monday. She died overnight after taking part in a concert for Roberto Saviano, a writer threatened with death by the Mafia, the Italian agency said. Miriam Makeba, known as “Mama Africa”, was the legendary voice of the African continent who became a symbol of the fight against apartheid in her home country. She died just after having sung for half an hour for the young author of “Gomorrah” at Castel Volturno near Naples along with other singers and artistes. She was taken ill and was quickly taken to a clinic in Castel Volturno where she died of a heart attack, ANSA said. Miriam Makeba was born in Johannesburg on March 4, 1932. She made an international farewell tour in 2005. (Continue Reading…)

R. Kelly’s Nephew Shot, Held as Suspect in Armed-Robbery Attempt
R. Kelly’s nephews Brayel and Brandon Kelly are in police custody and considered suspects in an armed-robbery attempt after a shooting at a Chicago-area barbershop Thursday that ended with one of them in the hospital. After being shot in the abdomen/chest area, Brayel, 15, is in intensive care, Advocate Christ Medical Center told MTV News. The singer’s estranged brother Carey Kelly, told a local Fox reporter outside the hospital that his son was shot twice and that one bullet collapsed his lung on the right side, while the other pierced his liver. Calumet City police told MTV News that one of the two boys went into a barbershop and requested a haircut. After receiving his haircut, he allegedly tried to rob the barbershop owner by producing a weapon and demanding that the owner place his money and jewelry in a plastic bag. The man complied but also produced his own weapon. Police say the suspect fired, and the victim returned fire. The owner later told police that he believed he hit the robber. (Continue Reading…)

Black Children Lead Nation in Obesity
Obesity has been declared a national epidemic in America. What was once considered an issue among adults has sadly transcended to our youth. African-Americans have the highest obesity rates (fat determined by a high Body Mass Index) in the nation and the same is true for our children. (Continue Reading…)

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