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For this edition of “Blog Index”, we wanted to highlight someone who makes us laugh…hard. That source of laughter is Leon. Listen to Leon is a hilarious blog that discusses just about everything. So, sit back and listen to Leon.

Leon: listentoleon.net

Clutch: For those that don’t know… who is Leon and why should we listen to you?
Leon: I am one of the most laid back, insightful and silliest people that you’ll ever meet in your life. You should listen to me because first and foremost, I will make you laugh. I’ll make you laugh in a number of ways. I can hit you with some silliness, Tracy Morgan style, or I can go for Seinfeldian, Stephen Colbert comedy that requires active brain cells to laugh at. Versatility, my friend…versatility! Plus, I have a knack for making people laugh at subject matter that they probably shouldn’t laugh at…but since it’s funny, I speak on it and give you a reason to laugh. Basically, you’ll smile if you check out ListenToLeon.net.

Clutch: When did you officially launch ‘Listen to Leon‘?
Leon: I launched it in 2004 on Blogger, after hearing friends tell me that I should start one, since I had a habit of e-mailing out funny stories about my weekend exploits. So while working at a boring job that I hated, ‘Listen To Leon’ was born!

Clutch: Describe the type of person that most likely would dig ‘Listen to Leon’?
Leon: Anyone with a sense of humor, intelligence and an open mind. I write about ANYTHING that I can make jokes about, so there really is something for everybody.

Clutch: So far, what has been your favorite entry to your blog?
Leon: My personal favorite is the story of how I lost a fight after someone threw a spoon at me when I was eight years old. “The Spoon ‘Heard Round The World” is the title. However, my readers seem to love “Dry-Humped on the Green Line”, which is the tale of me getting an impromptu free lap dance on a crowded subway train. Both can be found on my Greatest Hits page.

Clutch: What makes a website/blog fresh and relevant to Leon?
Leon: An original concept or voice that stands out is one thing. Regularly updated content is important, too. I’d recommend updating regularly to anyone who is serious about building a following for their blog.

Clutch: When you’re not writing for ‘Listen to Leon‘, what are some other sites that you visit?
The Smoking Section

I’m writing a column at a new site, www.blackpower.com, and I’m excited because the stuff I’ve seen from them so far looks great! I promise, I’m legitimately excited and not just trying to plug my new column!

Clutch: How has Social Media changed your life?
Leon: I have found a way to legally and legitimately make a living from my sense of humor, thanks to the power of social networking and Web 2.0. Once I won my first Black Weblog Award and got offered an online column for King Magazine, I knew I could take my writing much farther than I initially planned to. For that, I’m grateful to all of my readers, as well as all of the web geeks who came before me and paved the way for my own Internet geekdom. Plus, I’ve met a lot of cool people and gotten in touch with plenty of old friends as a result of social networking sites, which is always a good thing.

Clutch: What has been your biggest challenge in running ‘Listen to Leon‘?
Leon: The biggest challenge for me thus far has been balancing my schedule to get all of the things done that I’ve planned to do. I’m actually a full year behind on a couple of projects, due to organizational mishaps. I’ve since established a more concrete timetable, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish more of what I start.

Clutch: Why should someone bookmark ‘Listen to Leon‘ on their computer or add it to their daily reading list?
Leon: I am a master at making insightful observations from just about any subject thrown my way. I like to think of it as, profound ignorance. I keep it funny, entertaining, and I talk sh– with the best of ’em. That is why I am worthy of bookmarking!

Clutch: Any advice for up and coming writers or social media entrepreneurs?
Leon: Write as much as possible. Seek feedback, but know the difference between “constructive criticism” and “he/she’s hating.” You are not always right, so it’s good to have people point out mistakes sometimes. Set goals and stay focused on them. That, and write about something that you love or enjoy. That’s the most important thing, because otherwise you will get tired of updating and lose your passion for it.

Clutch: What’s next for Mr. Leon?
Leon: More comedy videos, hopefully with better production value that what’s on the site right now. I’m shopping around a few book projects, so cross your fingers for me and definitely be on the lookout. Basically, I’m attempting to pave a way to do the type of comedy that I want to, without many boundaries or limitations. Creative freedom: pretty much the goal of any artist!

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