Today, November 14th, The Coup d’etat Art Collective is joining forces with several heavy hitters on the New York fashion scene to present an art exhibition at Sly Art vs. Robot City in Manhattan. We were able to catch up with Rasu Jilani, co-founder of Coup d’etat Brooklyn to find out more about the extension of their brand, The Coup d’etat Art Collective.

Clutch: What motivated the launch of The Coup d’etat Art Collective?
Rasu: As Coup d’etat Brooklyn’s marketing arm, I am always looking for creative ways to integrate the brand with the community. Over the years I’ve been surrounded by an incredible amount of creative energy. Leveraging Coup d’etat Brooklyn to increase exposure for our peers, who also happen to be artists, has been the perfect marriage. Both visual art and fashion can be a means of cultural expression, communicating emotions, and echoing sentiments of individuals or the masses.

Clutch: Which artists are currently members of the Coup d’etat Art Collective?
Rasu: The Coup d’etat Art Collective features Livingroom Johnston, Concep (winner of MTV’s Art Battles), One9, Fly Lady Di, Ibrahim, Yang Chi, Amanda Diva, Alexandra Cespedes, Pesu & Dister. The movement is growing daily and we’re currently considering artists who are interested in joining forces with us in 2009.

Clutch: There are countless talented artists in the industry. What do you look for when considering artists for the Coup d’etat Art Collective?
Rasu: We look for substance, creativity, and spirituality. Each one of the artists we work with have those three attributes yet express themselves creatively with their own individual styles. No matter their artistic approach, each artist’s work must compliment Coup d’etat Brooklyn’s brand principle – “live to change something.”

Clutch: What are your future plans for the Coup d’etat Art Collective?
Rasu: I’m working on building partnerships with corporate entities to boost awareness and help take the Coup d’etat Art Collective to the next level. No matter how large this initiative becomes, it will always have strong ties to the community. That said, our 2009 plan includes outreach to schools and community organizations because they could definitely benefit from being involved in the movement. We’ve got to keep teaching the babies and art is the greatest form of expression.

If you are in NYC please make sure you stop by and support — it’s definitely an event you don’t want to miss. To learn more about Coup d’etat Brooklyn and the Coup d’etat Art Collective please visit www.cdtbk.com.

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