Michelle Williams Can Finally Just Do Her
Michelle reveals the details about who she is and DC’s breakup to Corduroy Magazine: “There is that glamour side to me,” she says, “but then there is that girl who just wants to chill out at a cafe in Brooklyn or be in Chicago by the lake, without a sequined dress and heels on.” Asked about her perfect night out, Williams says she prefers staying in with friends, catching up over drinks and her specialty: homemade mac and cheese.Williams also speaks out at length about her new solo venture and the breakup of Destiny’s Child: “Now I can finally just do me,” Williams says; “no more pleasing other people, no more compromising what I want. As a group, we all had to agree. But now, it’s just me.” (Continue Reading…)

A New Dr. Rice to Become Face of US at UN
An ex-National Security Council member and former assistant secretary of state, Susan Rice brings the resume of a Rhodes Scholar-turned-diplomat to the team as she becomes the US face at the United Nations. The Washington-bred Rice — no relation to outgoing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice — served as member of the national security council during the administration of president Bill Clinton. She worked as a top foreign policy advisor to the campaign of president-elect Barack Obama prior to her latest appointment; indeed despite far-reaching ties to the Clinton administration, she joined Team Obama when Hillary Clinton was widely seen as frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. (Continue Reading…)

Super Bowl Champ Plaxico Burress Shoots Himself In Leg
Plaxico Burress was laughing and grinning Sunday night about shooting himself in a midtown nightclub – even as cops planned Monday to file gun charges against the Big Blue superstar. Cops recovered the Giant receiver’s unlicensed handgun from his New Jersey mansion – and will charge Burress today at the 17th Precinct stationhouse. The 31-year-old will be walked into the midtown stationhouse like any other perp, police sources said. Burress’ reaction to all this? (Continue Reading…)

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