Berry, Perry to Host NAACP Image Awards
Fox TV says Halle Berry and actor-screenwriter Tyler Perry will host the 40th NAACP Image Awards in February. Nominations for the Image Awards, which honor those who promote diversity in the arts, will be announced Jan. 7. The Feb. 12 ceremony, airing on Fox, will kick off a yearlong centennial celebration for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Berry, an Academy Award-winner for “Monster’s Ball,” and Perry, whose credits include the film “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” are former Image Award winners.Awards chair Clayola Brown said in a statement Tuesday that the two have broken entertainment-industry barriers and their success offers hope for further progress. (Continue Reading…)

Jesse Jackson: Help autoworkers, not just makers
The Rev. Jesse Jackson is expressing concern about whether the federal aid for automakers will do enough to protect autoworkers. He’s in Detroit Sunday and has issued a statement saying he “cautiously” celebrates President George W. Bush’s release of $17.4 billion in loans to automakers. But Jackson says he’s concerned “the terms of the loan are unfair to UAW workers.” He says the aid could come with strings that force severe sacrifices on United Auto Workers members who already made significant contract concessions in 2005 and 2007. Jackson says it’s “unconscionable that they must sacrifice once again” and says “automakers, suppliers, dealers, bondholders and unions” must work together to save the industry. (Continue Reading…)

Somalia Facing ‘Hidden Genocide’
The UN envoy to Somalia, Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, has said there is a “hidden genocide” taking place in the country. Mr Abdallah spoke as the African Union’s peace and security council held urgent talks on how to boost the peacekeeping force there. Ethiopia says its 3,000 troops will withdraw by the end of the year, which some fear will lead to a power vacuum. The AU force already in Mogadishu is too small to resist resurgent Islamist and nationalist fighters. UN head Ban Ki-moon last week rejected calls for UN peacekeepers to be sent. (Continue Reading…)

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