Keyshia Cole is done with sad songs
Heartbreaking, emotional songs like “Love” and “I Remember” helped make Keyshia Cole one of R&B’s most popular stars. But while those songs resonate with millions of fans, the soul sensation says she can’t stand to listen to them anymore. Cole says she’s tired of singing those same old sad love songs. So on her new CD, “A Different Me,” released this month, Cole introduces her “sexier” side. Currently on tour with Lil Wayne and Gym Class Heroes, the 27-year-old diva — who is also a big reality star thanks to her successful BET show “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” — say she’s changing up her stage performance and hopes to gain worldwide appeal. (Continue Reading…)

Arab Leaders Gave Condoleezza Rice Over $300,000 in Jewelry
President George W. Bush’s foreign policies may be unpopular in the Middle East, but Arab leaders showered his top diplomat with jewelry worth far more than a quarter of a million dollars last year. While Bush himself didn’t fare nearly as well, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice raked in at least $316,000 in gem-encrusted baubles from the kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia alone, making her one of top recipients among U.S. officials of gifts from foreign heads of state and government and their aides in 2007. (Continue Reading…)

‘Watermelon Roll’: More Racism from ‘Team Sarah’
There is something very ugly happening out there in the hinterlands these days–a brewing cauldron of racist anger being directed at President-elect Barack Obama as he and his family get ready to move into the White House. It’s a mean-spirited bigotry that is finding its way onto the internet and right-wing blogs across the country. It makes for a troubling portrait of a significant cross-section of the American polity as Obama prepares to take the oath of office as the 44th President of these United States. Nowhere have these tendencies been more out-front and prominent than at TeamSarah.org, a website organized by “a coalition of women dedicated to advancing the values that Sarah Palin represents in the political process.” Men, according to an exclamatory notice, are welcome, too. (Continue Reading…)

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