Janet Jackson: ‘Beyonce Has a Lot of Growing Up To Do’
Janet Jackson is rumored to be fuming over Beyonce’s controversial ‘like the Jacksons comment’ a few weeks ago. Beyonce told reporters: “I grew up upper-class. Private school. My dad had a Jaguar. We’re African-American, and we work together as a family, so people assume we’re like the Jacksons.” While the first part of Beyonce’s statement was accepted, the “I Am …Sasha Fierce” singer’s final statement “.. I didn’t have parents using me to get out of a bad situation” raised eyebrows and backlash. According to sources close to Jackson, Janet is furious over the comment and is ready to set Beyonce straight. “Janet wanted to know why Beyonce had to mention her family,” the insider said. “They’re not friends and barely know each other. She feels Beyonce went out of her way to tell the world she’s from the upper class and the Jacksons were like a bunch of dirty gutter rats.” (Continue Reading…)

Naturi Naughton as Lil’ Kim in ‘Notorious’
Naturi Cora Maria Naughton was born on May 20, 1984 in East Orange, New Jersey where she started singing in the choir at New Hope Baptist Church at just 5 years of age. She turned pro by 14, when she became a member of the girl band 3LW. The group soon signed with Sony/Epic Records and went on a nationwide tour while their debut album, entitled “3LW,” went platinum, selling 1.3 million copies. Away from the entertainment business, Naturi always remained an honor student, attending Seton Hall University where she majored in Political Science until her career became too demanding. (Continue Reading…)

Senate Appointment Creates Rift Among Black Leaders
Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s appointment of Roland Burris to the U.S. Senate creates a split among Illinois’ top black officials. The appointment pits the state’s top elected official, Secretary of State Jesse White, against its one-time highest black office holder, former Attorney General Roland Burris. Further complicating the matter, the appointment involves the former seat of Barack Obama, the first African-American to be elected president. Both Obama and White were careful to praise Burris in opposing his selection by Blagojevich, who’s accused of earlier trying to sell the seat for personal gain. (Continue Reading…)

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