With the recession, you may find yourself thinking less about the future and more about today. But the future will surely come and you never want to stop funding it. In fact, the one lesson we all should take from this recession is to always, always save something. So here are a few tips to fund your emergency savings.

1. Use your raise. Lots of people have successfully committed to always living off a certain income. Any raises they get are used to increase contributions to their retirement accounts and or emergency savings accounts. As a result, they’re saving well beyond the recommended 10% of their income.

2. Double your bonus. Ok, so you were among the lucky few to get an end of the year bonus. Great! Instead of using it to purchase Christmas gifts or big ticket items, use it to fund your emergency savings account. You could double, even triple your bonus depending on your interest rate.

3. Get a gig. Finding work is hard right now, but if you have skills that you can offer as a service to others then you should turn that into your side hustle to amp up savings.

4. Use taxes. Tax season is coming up, and that will give you a great head start to saving or even replace some savings you’ve had to use for economic hardships.

Many people aren’t weathering this storm well at all. The one thing many experts agree on is that significant savings would have helped people better stay afloat. So always be conscious of the importance of saving for emergencies, no matter how little you have to work with. Something is always better than nothing.

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