Most people love fashion, in some aspect. Many aspire to work in the industry as stylists, models, designers, etc. But very few are able to build successful, lasting careers in the field, and stand out from the pack for their distinctive sense of style and creative vision. Glamo, however, has had no such difficulties. Glamo, founder of The Glamore Deluxe Company, is an industry wunderkind who’s best known for his work as a runway coach, wardrobe stylist, and creative director.

After receiving a formal education at the historic Clark Atlanta University, Glamo ventured to New York City, determined to make a name for himself in the industry. Still very young, yet extremely focused, he has been able to gain access to some of fashion’s heavy hitters. He’s worked with top design houses, modeling agencies, hair stylists, make-up artists, and celebrities. Most recently, Glamo appeared on MTV’s “Made: Model House” and coached three inexperienced modeling hopefuls, one of whom ended up receiving a one-year contract. His witty, no-nonsense attitude pushed the girls to their limits. But they all left the competition with new looks, revamped wardrobes, and extraordinary self-confidence that had been more than lacking before.

As the founder and creative force behind The Glamore Deluxe Company, Glamo continues to extend his unique style, vision, and voice to top clients in fashion and entertainment. The firm offers such services as wardrobe styling, image consulting, runway coaching, and event production, just to name a few. Recently, we sat down with the fashion extraordinaire, who gave us more insight into his work.

Clutch: You have been called a fashion industry prodigy by colleagues, mentors and peers. How did you get your start in the industry?
Glamo: I got my start in the industry producing and directing fashion shows in college and from there things just kind of snow balled. I realized if I was coming up with the concept of the show then I wanted a certain type of walk. If I had control over the walk then I wanted to style the show as well. So that was the making of Glamo.

Clutch: Who are your major influences and what inspires you to create?
Glamo: Influences that inspire me to create are found heavily in the arts. Movies, paintings, music, and people. I am a big people watcher. It’s funny the many things, looks, and characters that you can create for people just by watching them when they are not suspecting.

Clutch: Fashion is constantly changing and evolving. How do you stay ahead of the game?
Glamo: I would like to think that I stay ahead of the game by being a busy body. I am always at some designers’ preview showing or looking for the next and the best; never afraid to see what’s new and hot or what one thinks will be. All while keeping abreast with the established brands/designers to see how they are reinventing themselves. Fashion may always be at a constant change but when something is a staple or classic honey it ain’t going anywhere, lol!

Clutch: Through your company The Glamore Deluxe you are able to service not only the fashion industry but the entertainment industry as well. What are some of the biggest challenges you face in both industries?
Glamo: The biggest challenge that I face from both industries is that people cannot see how it is possible for one person to be multi talented. You can only be known for this or that or boundaries are set on your potential. It takes for me to really get out here and show people on a daily basis that I cannot and will not be placed into just one box. There is enough of me to go around.

Clutch: Who do you think will stand out from our generation as a style icon?
Glamo: Its no shade behind this but one young lady that I think will stand out and is well on her way is Ms.Rhianna. I was not a fan of her look for the first 3 singles or so. But now…that woman wears me out with her fashion! She wears the clothes not vice versa — I get life from her!

Clutch: You wear many hats as a stylist, creative director, and the owner of a company. How do you balance it all?
Glamo: Yes indeed I do wear several hats with The Glamore Deluxe Company. I believe that the balance comes from the relationship that I build with my clients and my creativity. Creative people will never run out of ideas and when I take on the responsibility of creating for each client they and their major possibilities become my inspiration, therefore its no need to balance. I am juiced up for them!

Clutch: With every new project there are always new sets of obstacles to face. How do you prepare yourself for these challenges when taking on something new?
Glamo: I prepare my self for challenges when taking on something new the old fashion way…prayer! Prayer is the one thing that has always worked for me. Sometimes I need a little more patience to deal with a particular client. Other times I may need more energy to deal with others. Either way I am never afraid to take a moment and send one up.

Clutch: Style and beauty is often in the eye of the beholder. How would you define style?
Glamo: Style is one’s personal understanding of self. Its about knowing what you are going for when you are getting dressed, what works best for you. Just because they are making it does not mean that they are making it for you. And I am not just talking size. I am talking about color, shapes, and the full monte honey. People who grasp this to me are “stylish.”

Clutch: What trends do you predict to be big for the upcoming season?
Glamo: I predict that the one-sie will be big in the spring. I feel like just about every major designer gave their variation. And the high waisted short shorts are another trend that I am sure we will see a lot of in the spring.

Intro by: Chelsea Smith

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