Ironically, statistics indicate money is the number one cause of failed marriages yet it also seems to be one of the reasons why couples opt to stay together. With today’s high cost of living, childcare, high taxes and expensive healthcare, remaining legally married with two incomes seems to be more financially beneficial than emotionally satisfying. Choosing pain over poverty has forced troubled couples to resolve their emotional bankruptcy by returning to the school of singles, and declaring their MBA (Married But Available) status with a specialization in fun and freedom.

Ignoring all ethical reasoning, these MBA’s have attracted plenty of applicants to their new school of dating. However, in knowing that everyone is not eligible and emotionally stable to handle such a challenging workload, in order to gain entrance into their program you must first go through a grueling interview process and pass their G.M.A.T. (Guys/Gals Married and Taken) exam to insure you are qualified and prepared for the difficult curriculum ahead. To prepare you for the limited quality time, cell phone only communication and second place status they encourage applicants to give up at least six months of their lives to study for the exam and take practice dates with them. Usually by the time the applicant discovers that an MBA is not for them the semester is over yet they’ve already paid their tuition. And since tuition reimbursement, financial aid and scholarship funding is limited for MBA’s, you are forced to accept their “loan” and deal with the payment consequences thereafter. Whether you decide to attend full-time or part-time the expense will be costly and could leave you both broke and unhappy.

This new dating craze is more common than we would like to admit. No longer is the single scene filled with unattached men and women looking for a good time and potential spouses. They are now all occupied by attached spouses just looking for a good time. Regardless of its nature or course, this new degree of dating has proven to cause more setbacks than advancement in marriages resulting in the disrespect of its intended institution. Choosing to live the single life while benefiting from the perks of marriage is not only greedy but ungodly and it only proves that just because its’ cheaper to keep him or her doesn’t mean you should spend your savings on anybody else.

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