Black Men to Watch


Everyday we are bombarded with news and reports that talk about our men in a negative light, but rarely do we have the opportunity to read about the millions of our beautiful men who are beating the odds and putting stereotypes to rest. Yes, the number is in the millions. It’s hard to to see the forest from the trees, rather, it’s hard to realize that legions of black men are doing their thing when media dispensers and personal prejudices say otherwise. Clutch realizes, and because of this, we annually dedicate an issue to a few of the top-notch brothers out there making it happen. Just a few though. Below, we invite you to meet 12 of them who are definitely on their way up the ladder of success.

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  • Memphis Resident

    I sure hope that the other persons featured in this article are more legitimate than Devin James who is known in Memphis as a “Con Artist.” This man is a huge liar and has taken advantage of many people who tried to help him along the way. When I met Mr. James, he told me that he had won custody of his son in a court of law. NOT TRUE, but he typically tried to win people over by projecting himself as an honest person. This guy is a phony and its hard to believe he’s featured in your magazine.

  • African Mami

    Good to see the brothers on their business grind. I have to say that, “Mahershalalhashbaz Ali” is quite a looker!!! Good job Clutch. Make it a point to produce such profiles on the regular.