Who wants to endeavor on the lonely road to make a movie about black women and hair? Apparently, Chris Rock does. Last Tuesday, on Inauguration Day, Rock was at the Sundance Film Festival representing for his film, Good Hair, a documentary examining the messages that the powers-that-be and society puts forth about hair products and African-American women. This film was inspired by Rock’s frustrations in dealing with his daughter’s hair and a Bronner Bros’ convention in the mid-1990’s. This movie is over a decade in the making. Rock told the Wall Street Journal that it took so long to complete the film because – surprise, surprise – there was not a ready market for it.

“With no disrespect to my agents or managers, every time I brought up the idea of a hair documentary, someone changed the conversation,” says Mr. Rock, who came up with the idea for “Hair” more than a decade ago. “They’d say, ‘That’s nice, but what about this cop movie instead?’

It had to be done, and like his well-timed barbs onstage, Rock came through. With women now in the White House rocking scarfs and hair rollers and this film, it should be interesting to see how this switches black women’s perception of beauty and hair products.

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