Lil Kim Reveals Disappointment with ‘Notorious’
With the theatrical premiere of the Notorious B.I.G.’s biopic, simply titled “Notorious,” coming out this month, Lil Kim is speaking out about her disapproval of the movie’s portrayal of her relationship with the late rapper. In Hip Hop Weekly’s two-year anniversary issue, the pint-sized female rapper reportedly sounds off about B.I.G.’s mother Voletta, and his wife Faith, saying she’s “been quiet for too long.” “I’ve had enough and I’m about to expose them both … I’ve been quiet for a long time,” Lil Kim told the magazine. It was rumored that Kim was unhappy with the casting of her role — producers picked Naturi Naughton of 3LW fame to play her. And, about her lack of involvement in the project, due to her professional and personal relationship with Biggie. In return, Kim is determined to “expose” both women in Biggie’s life. Although it is unclear what kind of dirt she revealed. “I’m very disappointed in Faith,” she said. “There’s nothing Faith or Ms. Wallace could do to stop me from reppin’ B.I.G. all day. I’m gonna always do that … It’s time for Ms. Wallace to be exposed.” (Continue Reading…)

One in a Million: Second Pair of Black and White Twins
Dean Durrant, 33, and Alison Spooner, 27, of Fleet, Hampshire, have had another set of twin girls with different coloured skin. Miya has her father’s black skin and Leah is white like her mother. The couple’s first set of twins arrived in 2001, with blue-eyed, red-haired Lauren taking after her mother while Hayleigh has black skin and hair like her father. Twins’ mum Alison Spooner. Ms Spooner told Sky News: “I honestly didn’t think it would happen again. “I thought we would have two the same – and I didn’t think we’d have twins again for a start. That was a shock,” she said. (Continue Reading…)

As One Door Opens for Blacks, A Major One May Close for Good
Unless some divine intervention happens, this New Year may bring the last gasp for one church–affiliated college. I’m talking about Morris Brown College. Like other private, historically-black colleges and universities, the Atlanta school, which was founded by the African Methodist Episcopal church in 1881, has been grappling to survive changing times; times that were first ushered in by college desegregation and the budget challenges that came with the shrinking pool of black students. But the thing that brought Morris Brown to death’s door wasn’t – at least not until recently – a lack of students. Nor was it a lack of heart on the part of alumni and others who believe that black colleges are both places of education and empowerment. They are institutions where black students emerge not only prepared to compete in society, but with the understanding that they have a duty to lead, rather than just blend in, with it. (Continue Reading…)

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