Ex-Detroit Mayoral Aide Gets 120-Day Jail Sentence
The former top aide and ex-lover of disgraced ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick followed her old boss to jail Tuesday, the last step in a criminal case that shook up Detroit politics for a year after romantic text messages between the pair made headlines. Christine Beatty, once an influential figure at Detroit City Hall, waved goodbye to loved ones as she was ushered from a courtroom to begin a 120-day jail stay for obstruction of justice. She will serve her term in Wayne County jail, where Kilpatrick has been serving an identical sentence since late October. Beatty and Kilpatrick, both 38, were charged with lying about their affair under oath during a 2007 civil trial on claims that two police officers were punished for investigating alleged wrongdoing in the mayor’s inner circle. (Continue Reading…)

Blacks Lead Both Houses in Colorado, a First for Nation
Terrance Carroll and Peter C. Groff can be forgiven if they’re secretly annoyed with the president-elect for stealing their thunder. The two Coloradans are about to make history as the first blacks to preside over both houses of a state legislature in the same session. When the 2009 Colorado legislative session convenes Wednesday, Mr. Carroll will be sworn in as House speaker and Mr. Groff will resume his role as Senate president. It’s a historic first in American politics, albeit one that’s been largely overshadowed by the election of the first black man to the presidency. Mr. Groff, who served as Barack Obama’s state campaign co-chairman, hinted that he may be getting a little tired of the president-elect’s limelight-hogging ways. (Continue Reading…)

Hughes Brothers’ Pimp Drama Under Fire by City of Oakland
The Hughes Brothers’ latest project Gentlemen of Leisure has come under fire by city officials who worry about the effect the new HBO drama will have on the world’s view of Oakland. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, the controversy is putting the new show’s shooting location in jeopardy, as members of the Oakland City Council and others debate whether or not to approve a film permit for the production. (Continue Reading…)

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