LisaRaye: ‘I’m Going to Get Through This’
After a lavish island wedding, actress and First Lady of Turks and Caicos LisaRaye McCoy-Misick was struck with a cold reality: her fairy-tale life with husband Premier Michael Misick was just that—a fairy tale. Last year, the couple brought charges against one another in what was allegedly a domestic violence incident that occurred at their home. As the First Lady prepares for her pending divorce, her estranged husband deals with allegations of governmental corruption. Misick has dismissed the allegations, maintaining that they were invented by his political opponents. LisaRaye opens up to ESSENCE.com about the failure of their marriage, her previous fear of becoming a First Lady, and why she’s no opportunist.(Continue Reading…)

Senator Oprah? Illinois governor says he considered it
The Illinois governor accused of trying to auction off a US Senate seat for personal gain said in an interview Monday he considered naming television talk show star Oprah Winfrey to the job. Rod Blagojevich, indicted by federal prosecutors on corruption charges, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that he thought about appointing the influential, mega-rich talk show queen to fill the seat formerly occupied by President Barack Obama. “That is true,” Blagojevich said when asked if he had mulled naming Winfrey. The governor said he never contacted her and that “the idea came to me from a friend and then among the considerations we discussed whether or not is it made any sense.” (Continue Reading…)

Study: Having a Big Booty May Be Good for Your Health
Women can stop worrying about pear-shaped figures — fat bottoms have been scientifically proven to be a sign of good health. New research, published in the journal Cell Metabolism, suggests the fat responsible for producing the pear shape flaunted by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce may be active in protecting women from diseases by releasing certain hormones. Buttock and hip fat may protect women against type 2 diabetes, researchers from Harvard Medical School found. (Continue Reading…)

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