Rowland Parts Ways with Mathew Knowles
Kelly Rowland says she will always be a part of Beyonce’s family, but she no longer will be managed by the superstar’s father. Rowland and Matthew Knowles announced Wednesday that he is bowing out as her manager. He’s guided her career since she was kid, when he put her in Destiny’s Child along with Beyonce. He even helped raise her. Both Rowland and Knowles — who still manages daughter Beyonce — called the split amicable. Both say they will always be family. Rowland has sold millions of records as part of Destiny’s Child, but her solo career hasn’t matched that success. Rowland — who turns 27 next month — did not say who her new manager will be. (Continue Reading…)

Black Designers Feel Excluded by Michelle
bout a year ago, I bumped into an African-American fashion designer at a gala who voiced concerns about now-first lady Michelle Obama’s penchant for Maria Pinto frocks. She argued that Obama’s elevated profile during her husband’s presidential campaign had given Pinto national exposure and raised the profile of her Chicago boutique. Nothing wrong with that. But apparently some local African-American designers were feeling left out. Given what was at stake during the Democratic primary campaign, the designer’s complaint seemed petty at the time. Still, I could see where the woman was coming from. (Continue Reading…)

ACLU Backs Black Author Ticketed for Using N-Word
The American Civil Liberties Union is backing a lawsuit that accuses police in a Louisiana city of violating the civil rights of a black author who was cited for a sign with a racial slur on his car. Lawyers for the ACLU’s Louisiana chapter signed up last week to represent Johnny Duncan in the case he filed last year in U.S. District Court against the city of Amite, its police department and several city officials and police officers. Duncan said he was parked outside a restaurant in Amite, about 75 miles north of New Orleans, in August 2007 when police officers confronted him about a sign on his car advertising a book he wrote called You Might Be a Nigger! The officers cited him for violating the state’s obscenity law, but the ticket was later dismissed. The ACLU, which describes Duncan’s book as a political and social commentary, said the title may be offensive but isn’t obscene “The facts of this case show that Mr. Duncan was detained for no reason other than that the police in Amite didn’t like what he had to say,” ACLU of Louisiana Executive Director Marjorie Esman said in a statement. (Continue Reading…)

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  • The girl can sing so I hope she can find success under new management. I saw her on a few episodes of Girlfriends and I was impressed with her acting. Maybe she should seek more acting roles too.

  • Thank good kelly has departed from his management.

  • thank god*

  • Meh, Kelly is better off staying in Europe. She has a greater chance of success over there. America is too colorist and she will forever be in Beyonce’s shadow over here – even under new management.

    From a business perspective she will probably lose money in the end. Matthew Knowles is notorious for getting those girls paid top dollar, even if he always put his daughter first. But at least she has her freedom and can figure out her sound, look and approach.

    I can see her having a career like Kylie Minogue, international star but never making it big in the states.


    S ar as the black designers go, this is what happens when racial identity is promoted over all else. I don’t blame Michelle Obama because she didn’t really seem to participate in that stuff, but I do blame the sycophantic black Obama supporters. They pretty much made it hard for anyone black to not support Obama without being labeled a sell-out. So naturally black designers would take that same tone. It was all about the symbolism and not at all about substance which is exactly why the designers are whining now. They were left out of the “symbolism” of the inaguration. You reap what you sew.