Jennifer Hudson Films New Music Video
Jennifer Hudson’s label has released photos from her forthcoming video for the single “If It Isn’t Love,” from her recent self-titled LP. The clip is set to premiere the week of February 9. The filming marks the beginning of a busy stretch for Hudson, whose mother, brother and nephew were tragically murdered last fall. She’s singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday and is performing at the Grammy Awards the following weekend. Hudson is nominated for four Grammys, including Best R&B Album. Hudson released a statement last month calling the nods “truly a blessing. … I’m extremely honored and humbled by the nominations.” The clip for “If It Isn’t Love” was reportedly set to film last month, but a source told UsMagazine.com that Hudson wasn’t ready, in the wake of the tragedy. However, an unnamed spokesperson for Hudson later said that the plans for the video were never set in stone. “The video shoot was never confirmed, so there was nothing to cancel,” the spokesperson said. (Continue Reading….)

Black Women Face Tough Climb to Top
Black women face special challenges in their efforts to reach the top levels of corporate America, a recent report suggests. Weaker or less strategic networks and inaccurate perceptions of their abilities are two leading barriers to their advancement to the positions of chief executive, chief financial officer or chief operating officer, according to the Executive Leadership Council, an organization for black executives. One percent of senior corporate officers are black women, according to the council, compared with 3 percent black men, 14 percent white women and 77 percent white men. (Continue Reading….)

Iraq’s Blacks Dream of Their Own Obama
The January 31 provincial elections in Iraq mark a change for the country’s black community, which represents five to six percent of the total population. These descendants of African slaves, who have been in Iraq – primarily around the southern Iraqi city of Basra – for about 1,000 years, have historically been treated as second-class citizens in a multi-ethnic and multi-confessional society. “The black man is not a full citizen,” explains Jalal Dhiab, secretary general of the Movement of Free Iraqis, the only association of black people in the country. Founded in July 2007, the group seeks to combat racism and discrimination against Iraq’s black community. (Continue Reading….)

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