Just about everyone knows about FreeCreditReport.com. They have a brilliant advertising campaign with funny commercials revealing a true picture of what life could be like with bad credit, and catchy jingles that you probably find yourself singing or humming under your breath from time to time. However, this company is currently under investigation and has even had to pay more than $1 million in settlements over allegations of deception and its liberal use of the word “free”. The way it works is first you must provide your credit card number, there’s your first clue that there might be a catch, and you do get your credit report. But, after that you must remember to cancel your membership or you’ll be billed $14.95. The problem is they’re making it very hard to cancel if they’re canceling at all, and there have been thousands of cancellation requests that have not been honored.

Avoid the drama. You can always get your credit reports free once a year from all three major credit bureaus with no strings attached at www.AnnualCreditReport.com. If you’d like to be updated on your reports more than once a year with FICO scores included www.MyFICO.com is a trusted source and has varying packages and reasonable rates.

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