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Our earliest memories usually come from the special gatherings in our lives. Whether it was that fifth birthday party where we didn’t get that pony we wanted, meeting that special someone at a friend’s house party, or putting on a skit for your grandparents at their anniversary dinner, each memory has its own distinct place in our hearts. Being surrounded by people that make us happy, not just on special occasions, but in our daily lives is what keeps us going. The lifestyle blog, Get Togetha, was designed to help us keep those special moments close to our hearts, create new ones and develop our way of living. Get Togetha definitely pays homage to the old adage, “take care of home first.” Clutch took a moment to chat with the creator of Get Togetha on how to not only live well, but live in the happy and positive state of mind that only we ourselves can create.

Melinda: gettogetha.com

Clutch: For those not familiar with “Get Togetha”, what type of content does the site feature and highlight?
Melinda: Get Togetha is a site/blog that features content on home décor, living well, living quality, home entertaining and spiritual musings on life.

Clutch: When did you officially launch?
Melinda: I officially launched June 16, 2008.

Clutch: Nothing is more important than having a healthy social life. And there’s more to being social than just going out to clubs. How can we bring back the art of home entertaining?
Melinda: Well, our current financial situation has definitely caused us to think twice before we shell out unnecessary funds. Entertaining at home is simple. A bottle of your favorite, cook dinner or buy store bought and add friends. Or you can have a theme: seveties, dessert party, wine and cheese…the options are endless!

Clutch: Women are expected to save the world but how important is it for them to take care of their own personal world?
Melinda: Hmmm…this is a good question. And we keep hearing this over and over again because it needs to register. We got to take care of ourselves first otherwise what we offer won’t be top quality. Don’t your loved ones deserve that?

Clutch: Why do you think women of color are often overlooked when it comes to dealing with design (especially within the home)?
Melinda: I honestly have no idea. I know that my eyes go into super glue mode when HGTV is on! LOL…I think there’s this general consensus that we don’t like nice things unless a rapper or baller’s name is attached to it. But I know that there are women out there who love fashion for the home as well. That’s why I created Get Togetha.

Clutch: Where did your penchant for home entertaining and decorating come from?
Melinda: I’ve never been the party hard club type; but I’ve always been a social butterfly. I just started cooking at home an inviting people over and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve had more great times at my apartment than I’ve ever had at any club. As for design, I just go with what feels right. There’s so much in the home décor world to be inspired by.

Clutch: As women, we often are juggling a million different things at one time. How would Get Togetha benefit the woman who is always on the go?
Melinda: Get Togetha can offer a respite by helping women to focus on the bigger picture of quality living. If you’re busy slow down! Cut out the excess and surround yourself only with the things you love…and love your life.

Clutch: Part of your company’s philosophy is “You need a healthy dose of laughter. Everyday.” What makes you laugh?
Melinda: All kinds of stand up comedy, humor blogs, laughing at myself.

Clutch: What are some of your favorite design secrets?
Melinda: Wall paint can really influence your mood. I decorate with the jackets of record albums cause records are timeless, sepia photography and a touch of vintage in a living space makes it feel lived in.

Clutch: Who or what do you look to for inspiration?
Melinda: God. My inspiration never ends but to make it short I would say Oprah, Domino magazine, Sheila Bridges, and Michelle Obama.

Clutch: What advice would you give to our reader about throwing a great (and inexpensive) party?
Melinda: Set a budget, mix different textures of foods, and change the light bulb to blue or green it makes everyone look good.

Clutch: For a healthy lifestyle, what are three things that you surround yourself with on a daily basis?
Melinda: Soy Candles, eating my veggies, and drinking water. Sometimes I don’t take my own advice and I forget to hydrate.

Clutch: When you’re not writing “Get Togetha” what are some other sites that you visit?
Melinda: Gawker, Clutch (Really!), NY Times, Real Simple, DesignSponge and Domino.

Clutch: Why should someone bookmark “Get Togetha” or add it to their daily reading list?
Melinda: They should book GT because it’s one of a few beautifully designed home décor specific and lifestyle blogs dedicated to women of color. I have to toot my own horn.

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