Q: What is the healthiest and fastest way to blow-dry my hair?
Anytime you blast heat on to the hair shaft you run the risk of damage and breakage. But with new technology and the right products you reduce this risk significantly. First you need to coat the hair with a heat and humidity gel like Ouidad’s Climate Control Gel ($22, ouidad.com). This humidity resistant gel is excellent at protecting hair from blow-dryer heat. The ingredients in the gel evaporate when the heat hits your hair, therefore saving the strand from direct heat damage. Nothing ruins a good blow dry like your roots frizzing, and Climate Control helps to prevent that while protecting hair.

Then you want to get a salon quality blow dryer with Ion Technology. Ionic Technology produces positive energy and infuses moisture into the hair shaft that way reducing dryness and protecting against breakage. Try Prosilk Ceramic Far Infrared Dryer 3000PD ($129.95, prosilk.com). This dryer not only provides Ion Technology but Ceramic Heat that will help maintain an even temperature during blow drying ensuring the penetration of silk molecules to the hair. Prosilk Ceramic Dryer dries hair 50 percent faster than normal hair dryers. Which cuts down on how long heat will be on your hair, which is another tool against breakage.

Q: If I smell one more holiday candle I am going to scream. What candle can you recommend that will have me thinking of the summer and not the snowy winter? I will admit I love a good Sugar Cookie or Holiday Spice candle during the holidays. But like you, once we take down the tree I am ready for it to be summer time. And that’s when I pull out my LAVANILA The Healthy Candle in Vanilla Coconut ($32, sephora.com). This pure beeswax candle will naturally lift your spirits and have you dreaming of sandy beaches and drinks with umbrellas. The scent is soft and gentle like a breeze and will provide the room with the warm fragrance of a vanilla and coconuts.

But this candle just doesn’t transport you it also makes the environment you are in a little healthier. LAVANILA The Healthy Candle is infused with pure essential oils. It uses the highest quality ingredients and exotic essential oils from around the world. All natural, non-allergenic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly, these beeswax-blend candles burn clean to create a safe and healthy environment without releasing harmful smoke, pollutants, toxins, or soot into the air you breathe.

Q: How do I get thick and full eyelashes like the stars? One of the quickest ways to star get superstar eyes is to create long thick eyelashes. And there are a variety of ways you can do that. Eyelash extensions are one way. This process involves gluing extensions on to your individual lashes. Like a weave for your lashes. The draw back is that it requires maintenance, lashes may break and isn’t cheap.

Another way is to glue false lashes on. You can buy a strip of lashes like M.A.C. Cosmetics Lash 3 ($12, maccosmetics.com) and apply glue to the top part of the lash. Then with skill that you will have to learn by practicing you glue the lash to the very top part of your natural lash. While they are affordable you have to know what you’re doing to achieve the perfect look.

But if you don’t want fake eyelashes and instead you want your own lashes to look like false ones then try this last option the LiLash ($139.97, lilash.com). Used daily, LiLash will grow the appearance of the longest, fullest lashes you have ever had. You just apply it daily like a liquid eyeliner and in just a few short weeks you will notice LiLash begin to change your lashes right in front of your eyes. It is the world’s most powerful and fastest-acting eyelash conditioner. LiLash is a favorite of eyelash extension wearers who notice better support and less lash breakage. I was skeptical at first but this product really delivers. No more false lashes for me. I just apply some mascara and I am good to go.

Q: What is the latest buzz worthy hair product? It seems as if there is an endless stream of hair products filling the shelves. So it’s hard to really know which product works and which doesn’t. Well this season there is one product that is creating waves in the hair care industry. B the Product Deep Conditioned ($57.50, btheproduct.com) is a conditioner that not only protects the hair but also works to protect the hair. Created by Brandon Martinez the star of Blow Out and Salon Diaries, this conditioner goes where other conditioners don’t. The formula contains soy, eucalyptus and rose hip oil, to coat and protect each strand. Perfect for all hair types and it smells amazing. It definitely deserves the buzz it’s been getting.

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