Nothing is more inspiring than passionate people who love what they do and who have pride and care for their work. These kinds of people tend to be those whom we trust: our doctors, dentists, electricians, Joe the Plumber. These folks know what they’re doing. Kim Kimble, Hollywood’s hair handywoman/style maker, brings that same professional expertise to the beauty industry with her ever evolving hair care, maintenance and health techniques. Kimble is accountable for the stunning hairstyles of celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Vanessa Williams, Garbielle Union and Kerry Washington, to name a few. Known for giving her clients glamorous, sleek, and healthy tresses, Kimble extended her talent and dedication to beautiful and healthy hair to the masses with her hair care line, Kimble Hair Care. What makes this hairstylist to the stars unique is her commitment to staying on top of her craft with continuous education, ensuring never a dull do.

Clutch: You have mastered an array of looks and hairstyles, from glamorous red carpet to era tribute. What’s your most memorable hairdo?
KK: I’d have to say my most “memorable” hairstyle was a “helicopter do” I created when I was young which won a hair contest and landed me my first spot on the Oprah Winfrey Show! I will also never forget the Oscars from a few years ago where we did five different styles for Beyonce in one night.

Clutch: Your mother and grandmother were also hairstylists. (I bet your hair was flawless in every class picture!) What tools of the trade have they past along to you?
KK: My grandmother taught me the importance of hair health. She was a nutritionist and knew all of the natural remedies to grow hair and keep it healthy. My mother was great at styling hair and taught me the world of hairstyling. I took what I learned from both of them to create my haircare line, and it’s the motto that we follow, that healthy hair and great style should coexist.

Clutch: Many professions require continuous, intensive training. You do the same by supporting ongoing education for your stylists, for example your involvement in “Are We Hair Yet.” How does this make difference for your staff and clientèle?
KK: Any and every chance I get, whether it be a class, show or even a DVD, I thrive on continued education. In any industry it is important to stay cutting edge. Beauty, is no different. I aim to educate all of my stylists about the growing industry whether it be new trends, technology or techniques. You have to stay abreast of what’s going on or your clients may move on.

Clutch: Women see their hairstylists more than their dentists, in-laws and sometimes even their friends! What do you believe makes a great hairdresser?
KK: I have always felt that a great hairdresser is one who listens to their clients and their haircare needs.

Clutch: The “Weft Extensions” (Kimble Creations) are very versatile. They come in almost every color and texture, and the French Body Wave can actually get wet, resulting in curly ringlets. How are these products better than others on the market?
KK: My Weft Extensions are developed with ease at mind. I wanted to create a versatile line in all colors, textures and length, customizable for almost any hair. I chose real human hair versus synthetic, making an easy to clean, style, long lasting mane that looks much more natural.

Clutch: There are tons of dos and don’ts in fashion. What is your biggest hairdo don’t
KK: I would have to say dry and dull hair. I love healthy, shiny and vibrantly colored hair. Avoid using shampoos with heavy detergents that strip the hair of its color, and sleep on a silk pillowcase to lock the moisture in while you’re sleeping at night.

Clutch: Which Kimble Hair Care Systems products would you recommend for the cold fall/winter seasons?
KK: I am a big believer in essential oils, silk proteins and amino acids. All of my products in my Kimble Hair Care Systems are full of these helpful ingredients. As for cold fall/winter seasons, I recommend the Shea Butter system, which includes Shampoo, Conditioner, and a treatment Mask that helps give hair the extra moisture it needs this time of year and creates intense shine in the hair.

Clutch: What is the greatest compliment you’ve received by a client or a colleague in the field?
KK: It always feels great when I’ve received compliments from my peers and other hairdressers in the industry whose work I admire. A big compliment to me is to feel the confidence from my clients when they love their hair.

Clutch: Are you where you hoped to be ten years ago? What’s next for Kimble?
KK: I am very blessed to be doing what I am doing today. I have accomplished more then I had ever imaged. I am very thankful and proud and excited. This coming year, I will continue to grow my product line that recently launched in Target and provide more academy classes to teach women how to care for their hair.

For more information on Kim Kimble and Kimble Hair Care, please visit www.kimblehaircare.com.

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