2009 is the year to stop making useless empty resolutions and to start making ones that you keep. I am sure most of us have started a year with the best intentions to stay healthy, take care of our skin, treat our hair better and exercise more. Then by the end of the month we are back to our old ways. What happens? How do you go from being excited of the prospect of change to acting like you don’t remember even making a resolution.

Some of it may have to do with the level of difficulty in keeping these resolutions. If something is to hard when you begin it when things get busy or stressful it will be the first thing to go by the wayside. So this year try to find things that you can commit to that are easier to stick with it. To make that journey easier we here at Clutch have complied a list of products that will help you become a new person without much work from you. No excuses now.

Resolution: “Take better care of my skin”
Product that will make this easier to keep if you have acne: Dr. Miracles My Goodbye Acne System ($19.99, sallybeautysupply.com)
What it does: It’s a 3-step regimen that was developed and tailored to the specific needs of African American women and men. The easy 3 steps will stop you from saying you don’t have time to take care of your skin. After application existing acne will clear up in days while continued use will help prevent any future flare-ups.

System Includes:
Exfoliating Cleanser, Regenerating Toner and Tingling Repairing Lotion.

Product that will make this easier to keep if you have aging skin: Lancôme High Resolution Night Refill-3X ($90, lancome-usa.com)

What it does: Sometimes fighting aging is exhausting and you just want to throw in the towel. This hydrating crème will help you keep fighting. It helps to boost the synthesis of the three natural skin fillers – collagen, histrionic acid and Elston – at night. Your skin will immediately feel significantly softer and smoother. In 4 weeks, wrinkles will appear significantly reduced, as though refilled from within. Skin will be noticeably more supple and plumped. All without much work from you. Perfect way to keep the resolution.

Resolution: “Take better care of my hair”
Product that will make this easier to keep: Phyto Phyto 7 Gold Limited Edition 40th Anniversary ($26, sephora.com)

What it does: This product takes care of hair naturally. It is a natural styling aid for hair. The 100% botanical blend consists of seven plant extracts, especially selected for their hydrating and replenishing properties. Its creamy, non-greasy formula works to enhance the natural protection of dry hair, maintaining optimum moisture and preventing split ends. You can count on Phyto to leave your hair visibly smooth, soft, and shiny.

Resolution: “Have some fun with my look”
Product that will make this easier to keep: Too Faced Cosmetics Smurfette Collection ($17.50 +, sephora.com)

What it does: Inject some fun into your look with the Smurfette collection from Too Faced Cosmetics. The line includes illuminating face powder ($26); eye shadow in a quad that features blue, pink, taupe and dark lavender hues ($32.50); a jojoba, Shea butter and vitamin E-infused lip gloss, $18.50, and liquid eyeliners in blue and white for $17.50 each. The packages all come with cute pictures of Smurfette and fun but wearable Smurf inspired shades.

Product that will make this easier to keep: Shadow Shields ($16.95, shadowshields.com)

What they do: Now with all the new fun eyeshadows you will be trying to recreate the look you can’t forget your Shadow Shields. They are the newest must-have accessories for your makeup kit. They are a dependable solution for eliminating messy “raccoon eyes” caused by applying eye makeup. Shadow Shields are disposable, lightweight adhesives that easily attach under the eye to catch falling makeup and prevent the need for unnecessary touch-ups.

They are really an ingenious solution to a common problem. Feel free to test out your glitters and smokey eye shadows without worrying about having a mess all over your face.

Resolution: “Improve my sex life”
Product that will make this easier to keep: pk24 ($59.95, pk24.com)
What it does: I haven’t met a woman who isn’t trying to improve her sex life. Whether that be an improvement in quantity or quality. I know a lot of women who try to practice kegals but they take time and concentration and a lot of us don’t have enough to give of either. Well enter pk24. It is the first and only clinically tested, anti-aging vaginal rejuvenation cream formulated to hydrate internal vaginal walls and create a “youthful” tightening effect. pk24 is a safe and proprietary blend of ingredients, manufactured in the United States to ensure quality. The cream is lightweight and non-irritating. It is fast-acting and long-lasting to ensure a pleasurable time now or later. With this cream this resolution should be easy and fun to keep.

Resolution: “Get in shape”
Product that will make this easier to keep: MBT Shoes (prices range, swissmasaius.com)

What they do: What if someone told you a shoe could help improve your health and get you in better shape. That a shoe could help you keep your resolution to get in shape this year. Would you be interested? If so then you have to check out MBT Shoes. These shoes are unbelievable. With very step you take in a MBT Shoe you are helping to tone and trim your legs while reducing strain on your feet, knees and back. Developed with extensive research, these shoes are not your normal kind of shoe. They are a completely new concept…the first ever physiological footwear.

Essentially, they activate your body’s support and postural muscles. Which means that your muscles will work more, you will have less strain on your joints, and you will feel better. They make training more effective and challenging. MBT Shoes are the ultimate shoe; they cushion your feet while challenging your muscles.

Product that will make this easier to keep: Belli Body Firing Serum ($34, belliskincare.com)
What it does: So maybe you stop going to the gym 2 weeks after you make your resolution and join. That doesn’t mean you still can’t have a toned body that’s where Body Firming Serum comes in. It is a daily skin support that is specially formulated to lift and firm your breasts, buttocks and abdomen. Belli’s advanced serum improves tone, suppleness and appearance in these crucial areas. Helps restore, repair and nourish slackened skin. Features shiitake mushroom extract to increase elasticity and rice proteins to help maintain healthier, smoother looking skin. Think of it as a multi-vitamin for your skin. Amazing.

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