You’ve seen them on the train, at the mall, maybe even in your office or school. The girl who needs a perm, the ratted out weave, or the sis who just always looks busted and disgusted. You want to help sista-girl get it together, but is there a tactful way to tell someone they look broke down?

How do you tell someone their look is truly busted? There is the obvious answer: you just come right out and say it. But only the truly crass amongst us have such little tact. In reality, it’s someone we know or like. We may go to school or church with them, it could be a co-worker, a distant cousin, or a friend’s neglected little sister. For this reason, your intention is not to inflict hurt feelings. People can be very sensitive when it comes to their appearance. To make matters worse, some people don’t know they look WRONG. Some people just don’t care what they look like one way or the other and how dare you critique that.

However, by helping some one reveal their outer beauty, you can help them to embrace and appreciate their inner. If you don’t have the chutzpah to come right out and say it, here are some ways you can get the ball rolling:

No matter what route you take, when all is said and done speak to the person one-on-one and explain from the heart that like Oprah, you only want to see them live their best life and exude their true confident self. No one can be mad at that.

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