Hudson Dominates ‘NAACP Image Awards’
Actress and singer Jennifer Hudson dominated the NAACP Image awards on Thursday, giving her a boost for 2009 after her mother, brother and nephew were killed by an estranged brother-in-law four months ago. However two nominees, R&B singer Chris Brown and girlfriend Rihanna, stayed away from the star-studded ceremony following Brown’s arrest earlier this week on charges of making criminal threats on an unidentified woman, widely reported to be his girlfriend Rihanna. Neither Brown nor Rihanna have been seen publicly since this past Sunday when Brown, 19, one of the fastest-rising singing stars of the last two years, was arrested just ahead of the music industry’s Grammy Awards. (Continue Reading…)

Usher’s Wife Recovering After Cardiac Arrest
The wife of R&B singer Usher continues to recover in a Sao Paulo hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest shortly before undergoing plastic surgery, the spokeswoman of the doctor who was to perform the procedure said Thursday. Ellen Dastry, spokeswoman for plastic surgeon Silvio Sterman, says Tameka Raymond checked into the Sao Rafael Hospital last Friday for a “simple liposuction.” Dastry said that Raymond suffered a cardiac arrest while being anesthetized for the procedure “but was revived in less than a minute by heart massage.” She was then placed in an induced coma before being taken to the intensive-care unit, a procedure Dastry said was “absolutely normal” and performed in order to “avoid unnecessary complications.” (Continue Reading…)

Rihanna ‘May Have Been Injured by Chris Brown Before’
Officers are investigating whether the 20-year-old star incorporated an eye patch into her stage costume to cover red swelling caused by damage to her cornea, according to The Sun newspaper. There are also reports that the star suffered bruising to her neck last December, although the cause of the injury is not known. Brown, 19, has been charged over an alleged assault on his girlfriend on Sunday morning just hours before they were due to perform at the Grammy Awards. Rihanna was left with a cut face, a split lip, swelling, bruising and a bloody nose, and also sustained bite marks to her fingers and arms. (Continue Reading…)

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