Tyler Perry is Still Looking for Respect in ’09
Tyler Perry wants to take his character Madea to Europe, but he’s been told that audiences there won’t relate to his stories about African-American lives. The films have made nearly $300 million at U.S. box offices. The challenge to conquer Europe has “sat in my spirit,” Perry wrote in a newsletter to his fans. Perry, who just a few years ago was homeless and broke, has made a fortune proving naysayers and critics wrong with a successful string of low-budget movies based on his Christian-themed stage plays. “I was once told [by] someone that my movies only appeal to black people and no one else,” Perry wrote. “Now, I know that’s not true.” When his first movie — “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” — debuted in 2005, people who had seen his stage plays in person or on DVD flocked to theaters, making it the week’s top movie with almost $22 million in ticket sales. (Continue Reading…)

Recession or Not, Black Women’s Hair a Priority
We all saw her at the Inauguration, and even on Election Day, Michelle Obama’s healthy flowing locks have inspired black women across the country to step their hair care game up. Since the days of Madam C.J Walker, black hair care has been a priority among African-American women and a lot of consideration has gone into choosing the right hair care experts. According to a survey conducted by Design Essentials, majority of African-American women base their salon and stylist choice on trust, cost and time consumption. With the recent state of the economy, affordable hair care is harder to find but women have stayed committed to their hair regimen. Johnny Wright, Mrs. Obama’s hairstylist has been taming the first lady’s locks for a little over a year now, but became her full-time stylist just in time for the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver. Wright’s services keep Michelle’s hair the envy of African American women everywhere; but by no means are they cheap. (Continue Reading…)

Thirty-Thousand Haitians Ordered to Leave United States
U.S. immigration authorities say they’ve ordered 30,000 Haitians to leave the country. Haitian officials, however, say they’re not issuing the travel documents needed to process most deportees. Handfuls of deportees with valid passports have been returned to Haiti since Dec. 5, following a three-month break in deportations, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel. But Haitian officials say the storm-batted Caribbean country needs time to recover and can’t handle the return of its citizens. (Continue Reading…)

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