Etta James was “kidding” about Disliking Beyonce
Turns out Etta James has just been adding a little stand-up comedy to her concerts. The veteran chanteuse, who made headlines last week for telling a Seattle audience that she “can’t stand” Beyoncé, said Thursday that she was purely joking—despite the fact that she feels she would have done a better job singing her signature tune, “At Last,” to Barack and Michelle Obama at the Neighborhood Inaugural Ball. “I didn’t really mean anything,” James told the New York Daily News of her onstage aside. “Even as a little child, I’ve always had that comedian kind of attitude…That’s probably what went into it. “Nobody was getting mad at me in Seattle,” she added. “They were all laughing, and it was funny.” Her little speech did not arise “from a vicious place.” (Continue Reading…)

‘Diary of a Tired Black Man’ is bound to raise some issues
Like pebbles dropped in still water, some movies create ripples that spread to cover the entire culture. “Diary of a Tired Black Man” is one of those ripple-makers. Except it’s more like a hand grenade tossed in a toilet. Tim Alexander’s super low-budget film, fresh to DVD this week, is nothing less than a messy, sincere and occasionally savage dissection of male/female relationships, particularly as experienced by African-Americans. Once people catch on to this movie — and it’s only a matter of time — it should have a major sociological and cultural impact. This is not to say that “Diary” is great art … just the right movie at the right time. (Continue Reading…)

Obama Backs Indictment of Sudan Leader
President Obama supports implementing the war crimes indictment by the International Criminal Court against Sudanese President Omar Bashir, a strong indication of the tough approach the new administration will take toward Sudan as well as its favorable view of an international body the Bush administration refused to join. Corrected paragraph: “We support the ICC in its pursuit of those who’ve perpetrated war crimes. We see no reason to support deferral [of the indictment] at this time,” said Ben Chang, a spokesman for Mr. Obama’s national security adviser, retired Marine Gen. James L. Jones. (Continue Reading…)

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